We appreciate your support in visiting this site. A Save Bukit Gasing Trust Fund to support both the legal costs of holding DBKL to account and associated activities has been set up with trustees from the Bukit Gasing/Gasing Indah community . We know our battle for transparency on approvals, safe developments and saving our limited green resources from wanton destruction will be a long one.  If you are able to contribute financially, please make payment as follows:

By cheque payable to “Save Buking Gasing Trust Fund” and send cheque to:
JAC for Bukit Gasing
C/O Maxwell Towers Owners Association, Block B
Gasing Heights
Jalan 5/58C
46000 Petaling Jaya

By Bank payments (cash or cheque to):
Account Number : 3147268735
Account Name: Save Bukit Gasing Trust Fund
Bank Account at Public Bank, PJ Old Town.

For those remitting from overseas, Public Bank swift code is: PBBEMYKL.

Keep in touch with us via Facebook & Twitter. 

Twitter: @savebukitgasing