March 29, 2015

When I was a councillor , I remember the OSC previously  rejected  these projects mainly  as they  at  that time did not comply with the law and planning requirements.  Apart from the steep slopes involved, these projects are in an area of Bukit Gasing with huge landslides. Some despite building approvals and professionals involved  which has already cost the ratepayer millions of Ringgit to repair with millions more required for slope protection measures.

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In one of the projects  the proposed  use of Jalan 5/69  as  access to this proposed development is unacceptable as the road was not meant to serve an additional 19 units that were never in the original layout plan for the area.  Worse still the poor residents have been burdened by Cameron Tower using these small internal roads as an access when this was supposed only to be a temporary measure with the correct access coming through Fraser tower.

Furthermore  any gated development involving the development of more than one lot must provide public amenities outside the development but none has been proposed to be provided.


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We also previously were of the view that the area is a high risk hillside area with schools and houses below and that the risk is unacceptable with no long term proposal for maintenance of slope infrastructure being proposed.  The risk of floods and surface run off is high.

Next there is an issue as to the validity of  the titles to the land as issued previously under the old administration. Many years ago around 1994 to 1995, PJ residents had objected to another development on the same land by a different developer on the grounds the titles were unlawfully issued.  At the public hearing chaired by  the then YDP of MPPJ  Datuk  Mat Noor Badoor, a resident leader Tuan Syed Jalal Abdullah had stated the titles were improperly issued and the meeting after being shown why, said they will not approve the project.  That was a long time ago and I expect that the residents now will also raise similar issues if  its the same land.


In my opinion, PJ residents are sick and tired of their small internal roads being used as access for someone else project when that project was never part of the earlier approved layout for the area.  This is happening all over PJ to cater for other peoples profits at the expense of existing residents and their families.  I trust the Government will study all these matters properly before arriving at any decision as this involves serious matters of  public safety and residents peace of mind, and enjoyment of their property.




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