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THE Petaling Jaya City Council may have to spend RM50mil to strengthen several hillslopes in Bukit Gasing if the individual landowners fail to fulfil their responsibility.

Councillor Derek Fernandez pointed out the owners were legally responsible to ensure their land was well maintained.

“There are about 37 plots of land here.

“The state should seize the land of irresponsible owners if they fail to look after the slopes on their properties,” he said during a visit to Jalan 5/64 in Section 5, Petaling Jaya.

MBPJ has appointed contractors to strengthen two hill slopes in Jalan 5/64 and Jalan 5/66 following several landslides and soil erosion in the areas.

It is estimated that the works will cost RM4.5mil and RM8mil respectively.

The hill strengthening work in Jalan 5/64 will be completed by June next year.

For safety of residents: MBPJ has embarked on hill strengthening works in Jalan 5/64. The project should be completed within eight months.

Meanwhile, the council has banned all major development, termed Class Three and Four, in the neighbourhood to prevent further soil erosion and landslides.

A landslide on May 5 in Jalan 5/64 uprooted trees, damaged several cars and cut off access to the area.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran commended the council for the pro-active measures taken.

He said he would raise at state-level the issue of seizing the privately-owned land.

“MBPJ should not have to strengthen these hillslopes using public funds.

“However, it is necessary to ensure the safety of those living and visiting the Bukit Gasing recreational area,” he said.

The poor hillslope condition has also resulted in clogged drains.

The hill strengthening works in Jalan 5/64 uses the “soil nailing” technique over 2,300sqm of land.

12 October 2013

ALL IS NOT WELL: A small portion of the concrete embankment placed on the road has also caved in

Workers clearing trees and bushes from the slope where a mudslide occurred in Bukit Gasing.

Pic by Rosela Ismail

PETALING JAYA: A MUDFLOW gushing down  Jalan 5/64 during heavy rain on Thursday evening has residents living around here on Bukit Gasing in jitters over what brought it on.

Residents say the mudflow was a sign that all was not well with the slope where an incomplete structure stands.

Streets was tipped off on the mudflow based on a photo sent by a resident living on the road.

A check yesterday, however, showed that the mudflow had been cleaned off the roads. However the slope on which the structure stood, looked precarious.

The structure is a massive concrete landing perched more than 6m above the road.

The landing, which was directly linked to a bungalow next to it, was held up by many pillars.

A few of the pillars had also become partially exposed.

A small portion of the concrete embankment on the road had also caved in.

The tarpaulin sheets on the slope that stretched about 100 metres were partly tattered.

During our check yesterday, we saw a number of workers clearing trees and bushes from the slope where the slide occurred.

Some were also chopping off trees which grew at odd angles on the slope.

At press time, Streets was unable to ascertain whether the workers were engaged by the council or the private contractor. The council was also unavailable for comment.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman R. Rajiv called for the council to remedy the situation fast by working on strengthening the slope.

He however reserved further comment until the council released a statement on the technical aspects of Gasing Hill’s safety as well as measures taken to curb landslides.

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