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Kuala Lumpur – October 10, 2011

DBKL signed yet another death warrant on Bukit Gasing (KL side) back in October 2007 and in January 2008 approved earthworks on the hill. These actions were taken without any objections public hearing. DBKL even denied any development approvals were given at a meeting between concerned residents and them in November 2007.

Concerned residents against the proposed development filed for a Judicial Review (JR) in February 2008 against DBKL after DBKL officially denied them the rights to a public hearing. DBKL and the developer challenged the right of the High Court (YA Datuk Lau Bee Lan) to hear the JR, resulting in a 2 year delay before the JR hearing was held. Sadly, in September 2010, a different High Court Judge ruled against the concerned residents. However, an appeal against the decision was filed and the appeal hearing has been set for 12th.December, 2011.

Gasing Meridian started the destruction of trees on Bukit Gasing before end of August 2011. The pictures below shows the current rate of destruction of the forest on the steep hill slopes.

It seems that for DBKL, residents have fewer rights than developers. Their fear of risks to their lives and homes are secondary to the rights of land owners. The deaths and destruction of homes in Highland Towers and in Bukit Antarabangsa are of no concern to DBKL.

It is a sad fact that DBKL and the Federal Territory minister are more intent on development of KL without paying heed to the quality of living, good environmental planning, sustainable development and much more that are required to make KL City a world class city.

To wit, in Medan Damansara, DBKL claimed that the building of 21 bungalows on steep hill slopes were safe. It took a huge landslide that almost claimed the lives of a family there for them to issue a stop work order. Unsurprisingly, it was determined that DBKL had not adequately reviewed the development plans. The developer can now only build 16 bungalows. Now DBKL is in negotiations to compensate the developer for the loss of 5 bungalows at KL rate payers’ expense.

In the meantime, residents at the foot hill of the proposed development will have to live in fear of landslides during rainy seasons.

DBKL is under the control of the Federal Government. We can only wonder to the reality of a more open government when DBKL is permitted to ignore genuine concerns of residents of potentially unsafe and unsustainable developments.

Bukit Gasing should be preserved substantially as a green heritage for KL city and future generations in KL and Petaling Jaya. What will it take before DBKL and the Federal Government step up to the challenge of providing more transparent and responsible town planning? Perhaps another carnage from landslides at Bukit Gasing?

Gary Yeoh – JAC for Bukit Gasing.


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The start of earthworks at Bukit Gasing. October 2011

Gasing Meridian Sdn. Bhd, the developer of the a low-density development of 69 luxury bungalows in Bukit Gasing, Kuala Lumpur has appointed a contractor for the job after a nine-month tender exercise. Kumpulan Ikram, a government-appointed independent consultancy with expertise in hill slope developments, has also been appointed by Gasing Meridian to oversee and inspect the project as it progresses. The 38-acre project offers bungalows on land averaging 19,000 sq ft each.

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