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Today the mayor. ….Tomorrow the KL Draft Plan? The culture of non accountability can only change when the people stand up and demand change. No one in Medan Damansara talked about safety, only their green lung. And events turned out to show that hillslopes are fickle places to mess around with – one family came dangerously close to death.

The very thing that ‘JAC-Bukit Gasing’ has been shouting itself hoarse about. 

Gasing folk, please step up to the occassion, and demand your rights.  

Contribute to the fight. Contribute to the legal fund!


Ashok Menon

JAC Bukit Gasing



REENA RAJ and PEARL LEE, Malay Mail, Thursday June 12, 2008 


Mayor must go, say angry city folk

KUALA Lumpur Mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan is in trouble on two fronts – one for a past deed that continues to hurt residents of Medan Damansara, and the other for raising City Hall parking fees that hit a public already upset with last week’s fuel price hike.


In fact, Medan Damansara residents have demanded the immediate resignation of Ab Hakim and City Hall Urban Planning director Mahadi Che Ngah for their part in approving Damansara 21, a hillslope development that has brought much misery to the neighbourhood.


They also demanded that the project, for 21 bungalows worth RM10-15 million each, be scrapped.


The last straw for the residents came yesterday morning when a resident and her daughter narrowly escaped being injured, or even killed, when a tree on the site fell and wrecked their home (see story on Page 3).


Expressing anger that the safety of the residents had been compromised, Medan Damansara Residents’ Association (MDRA) committee member Randhir Singh said: “The root of the problem is City Hall. It approved the project despite knowing it would endanger the residents. As mayor and as urban planning director, they should take responsibility and quit! “I am shocked the mayor and the planning director have not even bothered to visit the site despite numerous complaints about the project, nor did they respond to our written complaints and protests.” Residents and MDRA officials are also furious with Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan for his indifferent attitude.


He said on April 19 that he would “decide on the next course of action” after meeting the residents.


Until yesterday, he had yet to do so, although he had said it would be soon.

MDRA secretary Peter Raiappan is worried about landslips or even a landslide if the development is allowed to continue. All those involved with the project, including those who approved it, should be held responsible, he said.

Raiappan added that the residents had been assured there would be no danger from the project, but the tree that came crashing down on a house in Jalan Setiapuspa 2 at 2.45am yesterday proved otherwise.


“We don’t want any more assurances,” said Raiappan.


“The project should be called off and the hillside should be rehabilitated.

We demand that now.” Meanwhile, the 30sen parking fee hike announced yesterday and effective next Monday, though not life-threatening, raised the ire of city workers who had yet to recover from the government’s drastic cut in subsidy for fuel.


Motorists were equally angry with City Hall’s decision to extend and payment hours till 10pm on weekdays and to Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Calls to Ab Hakim and Mahadi yesterday went unanswered.



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