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Nurul Izzah (center) and Hannah (2nd.from right) showing the extend of the damage caused to Bukit Gasing.

Nurul Izzah (center) and Hannah (2nd.from right) showing the extend of the damage caused to Bukit Gasing.

By Stephanie Sta Maria

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 29): Property developer Gasing Meridian has shot down news reports that have linked its development work to recent landslides in Bukit Gasing.

Its managing director, Kenneth Tan, voiced his concern during a press conference today over the media’s apparent confusion as to the location of the landslides.
“I cannot speak for the other sites but there have been no landslides at Gasing Meridian,” he said. “I survey the area on a regular basis and let me officially say, there have been no landslides. Period.”
Gasing Meridian is the developer of the Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur project that will see 70 luxury bungalows being built in Bukit Gasing.
The developer recently won a five-year legal battle against Bukit Gasing residents who wanted the project stopped for fear of landslides and environmental damage.
Four landslides took place in Bukit Gasing over the past week. One occurred close to Maxwell Towers and news reports have linked it to Gasing Meridian’s development work.
Bukit Gasing Joint Action Committee member Gary Yeoh today showed the media what he said were photographs of the landslides including the one near Maxwell Towers.
After looking at the photos, however, Tan said that the area in question was not on Gasing Meridian’s site.
“We take our responsibility as a developer very seriously,” said Tan. “We’re developing the area step by step which is the right procedure.”
“When we expose the earth it looks like a landslide has occurred but it is actually man-made hill cutting.”
“We’ve also set up adequate buffer zones between our development site and residential areas including Gasing Indah and the Syabas pipeline and reservoir,” he added.
Tan said the Sanctuary Ridge project had undergone thorough investigations that spanned four years and subjected it to the scrutiny of 13 agencies, including the Department of Environment and the Department of Minerals and Geoscience.
A Maxwell Tower resident later took to his apartment on the 23rd floor, where we had a direct view of the alleged landslide area. The patch of exposed land was behind a green fence which Victor Oorjitham said was on Gasing Meridian’s development site.
Victor, 82, pointed out that the distance of the buffer zone between the green fence and Maxwell Tower’s wire fence was very narrow and that any further landslides would affect the apartment residents.
Yeoh meanwhile appealed to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to relook at all hill slope developments and keep the Bukit Gasing residents informed on monitoring procedures and reports.
The Sanctuary Ridge project area on top of Bukit Gasing, comes under the jurisdiction of DBKL.

The Sanctuary Ridge project area on top of Bukit Gasing, comes under the jurisdiction of DBKL.

Wed, 08 Sep 2010

By Teoh El Sen

PETALING JAYA: Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar is upset with the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s decision yesterday to allow developer Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd to proceed with the construction of 70 bungalows on the hill slopes of Bukit Gasing. She said the court had “ruled against the people of Bukit Gasing” and that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) mayor had broken his “promise” that Bukit Gasing would be gazetted as a forest reserve.

“The world is moving towards a new era of being green by developing sustainable neighbourhoods, yet DBKL has taken a step back by allowing an unscrupulous developer to ransack a pristine green lung that belongs to the people of KL,” said the MP.

“The (previous) mayor (Ab Hakim Borhan) had promised the people that Bukit Gasing would be gazetted as a forest reserve.

“The current mayor (Ahmad Fuad Ismail) said that he would take hillside developments seriously and that he would not agree to the developments of four hills, namely Bukit Gasing, Bukit Nenas, Bukit Tabur and Sungai Besi. Where is the mayor then and where is the mayor now?” she asked.
A tale of two KLs

Nurul Izzah said with the construction of the bungalows, city folks, hikers and joggers, will be forever deprived of a breathing space. And on top of that, the area could face more landslides.

“The consequence of this inaction by DBKL is enormous. Three months ago, a landslide hit the Sri Maha Kaliaman Temple (in Bukit Gasing) where 20 devotees were in the midst of prayers.

“This was in addition to the countless landslides that have occurred there in the past 30 years,” she said, adding that each bungalow would cost between RM2.6 and RM6.3 million.

“Where is sustainable living that DBKL promised the people living in this city? Where are our ministers? Isn’t it time for them to act accordingly? The time to act is now and not later.

“This is a tale of two KLs where the state’s unelected local authority transgresses the rights and interest of those they are supposed to serve. Whose rights and interests are they protecting?” she asked.

Only rich can afford nature’s gift

Nurul Izzah said Bukit Gasing has been likened by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to a green lung in the middle of an urban jungle.

“The hill has more than 10 hiking tracks. One can still see monkeys and various types of birds. This is an ideal place for people to relax and exercise while enjoying nature’s scenery.

“Families and friends congregate on this hill frequently especially during the weekends. Sadly this panoramic view of KL and PJ will soon be inaccessible to our children,” she said.

“The colorful plants, flowers, and fruits will be diminished among the eyes of the general public and only those who can afford it would be able to access nature’s gift,” she added.

Nurul Izzah said she hoped the residents of Bukit Gasing would appeal against this ruling for the benefit of all those who live in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

“I hope the mayor of KL would remember his pledge to the people. I hope that the developer would develop a conscience and leave this pristine hill untouched. Finally, I hope that the people would continue to voice their support to protect Bukit Gasing.

“We would not benefit most from this fight but rather our children, and the future generations to come that would grow up and appreciate this green space that is left for them,” she said.

Yesterday, High Court judge Aziah Ali dismissed a judicial review application by 108 Bukit Gasing residents to quash the development order to build 70 bungalows at Bukit Gasing.

The development order was issued by the then Kuala Lumpur mayor Ruslin Hassan.

The project, Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City, is to be built on a 15.4 ha site in Bukit Gasing.

BY FADZLY ESA on 12 AUG, 2010


Memorandum diserahkan kepada Pegawai Khas Dua kepada Datuk Bandar, Md Aznan Md Zain diwakili ahli jawatankuasa bertindak bersama Pantai Panorama, Dr. Teoh Keong Heat bersama ahli majlis MBPJ, Derek Fernandez

Jawatankuasa bertindak bersama Bukit Gasing dan ahli majlis Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) menyerahkan memorandum bantahan di ibu pejabat Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), semalam.

Bantahan itu dibuat ke atas permohonan kebenaran perancangan bagi 2 blok, 26 tingkat kondominium (408 unit), villa berkembar 21/2 tingkat (18 unit) dengan kemudahan meningkatkan kepadatan  perumahan daripada 20 orang/ekar kepada 332 orang/ekar bagi lot 51038-51061 Kampung Kerinci, Kuala Lumpur.

Memorandum itu mengandungi 921 tandatangan penduduk membantah cadangan pembangunan Bukit Gasing.

Memorandum diserahkan  kepada Pegawai Khas Dua kepada Datuk Bandar, Md Aznan Md Zain diwakili ahli jawatankuasa bertindak bersama Pantai Panorama, Dr. Teoh Keong Heat bersama ahli majlis MBPJ, Derek Fernandez.

Bagaimanapun, Datuk Bandar, Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuad Ismail dilihat meninggal perkarangan bangunan tersebut sejurus sebelum memorandum diserahkan.

Hadir sama, Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua, Anggota Majlis Tertinggi PKR, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim dan ahli majlis MBPJ.


TheMalay Mail: Petition submitted to stop luxury housing development…


Gary Yeoh JAC Bukit Gasing

Press Conference after the court hearing: Gary Yeoh & JAC Bkt Gasing Members  

Nuurul Izzah Anwar

Statement to the media by YB Nurul Izzah Anwar; MP Lembah Pantai

Legal Counsesl for JAC for Bukit Gasing

 Derek Fernandez & Sivarasa Rasiah – Legal Counsel for JAC for Bukit Gasing & Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman YB Edward Lee at the Kuala Lumpur High Court 



Kuala Lumpur, 23rd. April 2008 – More than 50 Bukit Gasing residents turned up at the High Court hearing today.

 Also present were the elected representatives from DAP and PKR. Sensing the media spotlight and intense public interest in this very controversial case (DBKL and the Developer were trying to set aside the ‘stop work’ stay order) the judge initially sought to hear the case in chambers.

The respondents requested for a few days to review the new affidavits submitted by our lawyers, and the judge fixed a new hearing date – 25th April (Friday) at 3pm.

On Friday the judge will decide if the stay order will be extended further, until a decision can be arrived at on the matter of DBKL granting us the Public Hearing.

MPs & ADUN present at the court hearing:

YB Elizebeth Wong; Selangor Exco / Bukit Lanjan State Assemblyman

YB Nurul Izzah Anwar; MP Lembah Pantai

YB Hee Loy Sian; MP PJ Selatan

YB Sivarasa Rasiah; MP Subang

YB Tian Chua; MP Batu

YB Edward Lee – Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman

More Photos…

Watch Video here… 1  2

Dear residents of Bukit Gasing,

A very good afterrnoon to everyone.

I regret that I cannot be here personally to lend my support to Bukit Gasing’s Family Day. Please accept my sincerest apologies as I have an official KeADILan matter to attend to. However, be assured that my other fellow MPs and I are doing our best to support your cause.


The problem faced by Bukit Gasing is one caused by the corruption and unaccountability that the previous administration has bred within its ranks and then populated to the top ranks of City Hall. DBKL has found it easy to disregard the concerns of the ratepayers due to this.


I am outraged to note that -although the courts have granted judicial review on DBKL’s decision to allow the construction, the relevant parties are still continuing works. We demand that the relevant parties immediately obey the stay order issued by the High Court and stop further construction works. The rule of law must be respected and it begins here and now in the case of Bukit Gasing. 


There are two related issues I wish to address today:


Firstly, the WP Pakatan Rakyat MPs including myself have brought up the specific case of Federal Hill to compel the Dato Bandar to exercise his right under rule 5 (2) of the Federal Territory Act 1982 and the Planning (Development) (Amendment) Rules 1994. This will pave the way for the cancellation or at the very least forestalling of any other questionable development project, including that of Bukit Gasing – without resorting to the courts. It is stated in the KL Structure Plan 2020 that its objectives are to maintain a judicious balance between development, ecology and national heritage create a Tropical Garden City sensitive to it natural site and appropriate to its tropical regional location. Therefore, we must preempt any move to manipulate the existing land use as stated in the KL Structure Plan 2020.  Therefore we, the Pakatan Rakyat MPs urge everyone here, concerned citizens everywhere to partake in the discussion of the local KL draft plan on the 15th of May. We must remain vigilant in defending our rights.


Secondly, I will continue to exert pressure on DBKL next week to ensure that the developer respects the stay order mentioned earlier. I urge and request that all of you help me in this exercise. We must voice out our strong opposition in unison. That is the only way we can urge change. 


DBKL’s display of unaccountability and lack of transparency in the well documented matter of Bukit Gasing only goes to show one thing. Datuk Bandar asked us in a statement a few days ago to show proof of corruption. We, as the Citizens of Kuala Lumpur ask Datuk Bandar, please prove us otherwise.


Nurul Izzah Anwar


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