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The hearing scheduled to be heard at 10:30am this morning at the KL High Court showed not sign of commencing as the court was still in session at 11am, hearing the earlier morning’s cases. As the smaller team of supporters from each side stood outside the courtroom, suspicion that time to hear our case will run out if the current session doesn’t finish soon became stronger.


It was almost 11:20am before the court temporarily adjourned from the earlier hearings and we filed into the court. Lawyers from the preceding case were still deep in discussion. With the clock ticking, it became obvious that some alternative had to be found to deal with the lack of time to hear our case. Our legal counsel approached the JACBG team with a plan to seek agreement with the other parties’ lawyers for exchange of affidavits and that a new hearing date be scheduled. After some discussion between the lawyers, they were called into the Judge’s chambers. We sat bemused at the courtroom devoid of judge and the key lawyers for the case.


Eventually, the lawyers returned at almost 12:30pm. Agreement was reached that is was not possible to have a meaningful hearing today. Decision was made with the Judge that affidavits are to be exchanged between the parties over a 4 week period, with a new hearing date of 9th September at 2:30pm for verbal submissions by the lawyers. In the meantime, status quo is to hold.


The parties are now to keep to a schedule of submitting affidavits and affidavits in reply within a 4 week period and the court will then have time to digest and hear verbal presentations for 9th September 2008. Besides, the applicants for Judicial Review (including Stay Order on DOs being given), DBKL and Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd (GMSB), the other party are the Attorney General’s office. However, the AG’s office may not become a party as the case develops.


Will this be the beginning of a period that justice can be heard? Will the other parties desist from further legal tactics to delay and cause further delays by obfuscation?


Whilst it has been frustrating to have yet another day where our legal system, creaking under a lack of judges, fails to hear our case, we are content that DBKL and GMSB have to hold to the “status quo”. 


So, no cangkul allowed on Bukit Gasing!


The JACBG and many residents are committed to stop the rape of Bukit Gasing. We are resolute in our determination to challenge DBKL. Our cause is not against developers. We are against an opaque, arrogant and insensitive DBKL. DBKL’s stance on Bukit Gasing denies not only genuine fears for safety by residents, but also the destruction of already limited green and open space in Kuala Lumpur.


One need only look at the Draft Kuala Lumpur 2020 City Plan (DKLCP) for Bukit Gasing to see how callous of residents’ safety and preservation of limited open space (including green lung) DBKL is.


If you are concerned and would like to assist us in identifying objections to the DKLCP do contact Gary Yeoh (


Gary Yeoh

JAC for Bukit Gasing/Chairman of Maxwell Towers Owners Association.

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