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A small group of TGI’s KL Residents & Maxwell Tower met up today & decision made to PROTEST on DBKL’s new proposal to increase the density of the “now” proposed 149 units villa hill-slope development fr 9 to 19 people per acre:

-safety of the hill-slope (landslides occurances)

– higher density (higher volume of traffic) on all roads leading to & from the development area.

NOTE: All or Any residents staying 200M from the development HAS THE RIGHT to protest. Its just a protest & would not have any judicial relevance in order for DBKL to call for a Public Hearing to address the matter accordingly!

We do need residents’ signatures (in numbers) & I do trust ALL residents will protest together.


12 October 2013

ALL IS NOT WELL: A small portion of the concrete embankment placed on the road has also caved in

Workers clearing trees and bushes from the slope where a mudslide occurred in Bukit Gasing.

Pic by Rosela Ismail

PETALING JAYA: A MUDFLOW gushing down  Jalan 5/64 during heavy rain on Thursday evening has residents living around here on Bukit Gasing in jitters over what brought it on.

Residents say the mudflow was a sign that all was not well with the slope where an incomplete structure stands.

Streets was tipped off on the mudflow based on a photo sent by a resident living on the road.

A check yesterday, however, showed that the mudflow had been cleaned off the roads. However the slope on which the structure stood, looked precarious.

The structure is a massive concrete landing perched more than 6m above the road.

The landing, which was directly linked to a bungalow next to it, was held up by many pillars.

A few of the pillars had also become partially exposed.

A small portion of the concrete embankment on the road had also caved in.

The tarpaulin sheets on the slope that stretched about 100 metres were partly tattered.

During our check yesterday, we saw a number of workers clearing trees and bushes from the slope where the slide occurred.

Some were also chopping off trees which grew at odd angles on the slope.

At press time, Streets was unable to ascertain whether the workers were engaged by the council or the private contractor. The council was also unavailable for comment.

Bukit Gasing assemblyman R. Rajiv called for the council to remedy the situation fast by working on strengthening the slope.

He however reserved further comment until the council released a statement on the technical aspects of Gasing Hill’s safety as well as measures taken to curb landslides.

Read more: Jittery over mudflow in Bukit Gasing – Central – New Straits Times

Towards end of January this year, residents next to the Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd development on steep hill slopes were very concerned as a landslide next to Maxwell Towers was detected. Supported by YB Nurul Izzah (Lembah Pantai), Adun Hannah Yeoh (represent Bukit Gasing) and Kasthuri Patto a press conference was called on 29th January 2013 near to the entrance of the development site.

Despite photos showing the location of the landslides (as can be seen on this blog), the developer categorically denied there were any landslides. As to be expected, DBKL and the Minister for Federal Territory and Well Being were not interested in our concerns.

Last Thursday and Friday (25th and 26th April) there was again heavy rain and winds. This resulted in a further landslide and a mud flow washed into a house next to Maxwell Towers entrance. 

Bkt Gasing 26th

As you can see from above, the escalation of development on the steep hill slopes has resulted in a second landslide and causing slit to be washed down onto the roads below. The landslide that was denied by the developer is now covered with plastic sheets. 

MBPJ is beginning to take serious interest in the recent landslides on PJ Bukit Gasing.  Will DBKL and Raja Nong Cik really walk the talk of “Rakyat Didahulukan”?

Election is coming. It’s time we act wisely and elect those that really care about our safety and implement environmentally sustainable developments.

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

The Star Metro . Monday March 11, 2013

The Star Metro .
Monday March 11, 2013

FRASER Towers’ chief of security services, John Gyan Bahadur, survived a close call in a landslip incident while removing fallen trees along Jalan 5/60 in Bukit Gasing a month ago. He is glad to be alive to tell his story.

He said it began to rain around 6am on Jan 25.

“I heard loud crashing sounds and found that a number of trees had fallen onto the road, a few hundred metres from the apartments’ security post.

“I and another security personnel went out to cut the branches and move the trees to the side of the road. It was 7.45am by then and the rain became heavier.

“We heard a loud rumble coming from the hilltop, in the direction of Sivan Temple’s arch. At the same time I felt the ground shake and within seconds, a river of mud came rushing down the slope.

I used my phone to record the incident but as the flow increased, both of us ran to safety,” said Bahadur.

He added that the incident had also brought down rocks and tree branches snapped like toothpicks.

“So far the people living in the area have been lucky but I fear what will happen if the slope is not strengthened,” he said.

Bahadur has been working at Fraser Towers for seven years.

Watch the landslide Video here….





Saya bersama YB Hannah Yeoh dan saudari Kasthuri Patto sewaktu sidang media bersama penduduk Maxwell Towers di Bukit Gasing. Para penduduk risau akan kejadian tanah runtuh yang makin kerap berlaku akhir-akhir ini.


Close-up:  a section of the slope has slipped due to erosion…..


Landslip at Maxwell Towers. Gasing Heights.    Photo Credit: GYeoh

For the last 3 days, we at Bukit Gasing area have had heavy downpours. Today, just after the afternoon’s downpour, a landslide occurred within meters from Maxwell Towers. There was also a landslide along Jalan 5/60 towards Fraser Towers. There have been numerous other landslides on Bukit Gasing recently that have been in the press. MBPJ had met with residents last year and we understand they are still investigating and determining the right course of action to protect lives and properties. With the landslides today, we are expecting urgent steps to be take to make the slopes safe on Bukit Gasing – PJ side.

DBKL has so far ignored evidence of landslides on Sanctuary Ridge development site. This blog had featured landslips on the steep slopes of earthworks done by the developer. Alas, we have seen little tangible evidence of DBKL being concerned at all these landslides.

The most recent disaster at Bukit Setiawangsa should have been a reminder to the Mayor of KL to be concerned about steep hill slope developments. Will DBKL wait for fatalities before they react to the many signs that development on steep hill slopes of Bukit Gasing is unsafe? Will the Mayor act to protect lives and properties or will he hide behind legalities?

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

Precarious parcel – one of the landslip sites in Bukit Gasing that is giving residents the jitters. SUNPIX

Posted on 6 December 2012 – 05:28am

Elly Fazaniza

PETALING JAYA (Dec 6, 2012): Bukit Gasing residents have again urged the local authority not to approve development on the hill slope following the discovery of two more sites of soil erosion and landslip in the area three days ago.

Bukit Gasing Joint Action Committee member Gary Yeoh told theSun earlier this week the residents were concerned that development on the fragile slope would pose a danger to them.

“We want the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to conduct engineering and environmental studies to determine the causes of the soil erosion,” he said.

“The MBPJ should also not approve the proposal to build 18 bungalows in the area,” he added.

However, he commended the MBPJ on its effort to consult with the residents on development plans.

Last Friday, residents detected four landslip sites along Jalan 5/60 and similar erosion was seen near an abandoned bungalow plot at Jalan 5/64.

Petaling Jaya councillor Derek Fernandez had reportedly said he would propose that the council impose a stricter process for hillside development, including the need for a mandatory independent audit by geo-technical engineers, as well as the mandatory appointment of specialist contractors with proven hillside construction experience.

When contacted, Fernandez said some 50 residents attended the first consultation at MBPJ last week on a proposal to build 18 bungalow lots near Taman Petaling (Girls) Secondary School within the Bukit Gasing area.

He said the residents would meet again within two weeks after receiving the geotech documents from the developer.

Checks by theSun revealed soil erosion behind a shrine at the Sri Maha Sivabatrakaliamman temple at Jalan 5/64 and a fresh landslip with a “sold” sign near Fraser Towers at Jalan 5/60 which was not covered with tarpaulin.

In addition, there were no signs to warn the public of the hill slope debris on the road.

From the various press reports, one might believe that safety of the residents adjacent to steep hill slope developments are of concern to the authorities of Kuala Lumpur. They should sleep easy when we have monsoon rains as like now.

Let’s review what the residents next to steep hill slope developments have observed just this year.

In March of this year, a landslip was recorded in this blog. For DBKL, there was no landslip, merely repairs to earthworks.

Also during March, landslides and floods were recorded. Was there urgency to enforce safety regulations and alleviate the frustrations of KL residents by the Minister of FT and Urban Wellbeing?

What this blog did not record out of frustration was a further landslip in May this year in the same area as the landslip in March. Yet, all the Mayor of KL  could say now is that if there is a breach of safety regulations, a stop order will be issued.

This blog recorded the landslip that occurred over last weekend. The photos are here to be seen. Is it possible that residents were having delusions of landslips when the developer was merely being diligent in covering the steep hill slopes that they cut to deter rain from seeping into the soil? Why only after the events captured here on this blog? Yes, one does need to put thinking cap on here.

Are plastic sheeting now a DBKL approved method as a safety regulation? One might think it is as the Mayor claims no safety regulation has been breached.

Frankly, we don’t feel we want a Medan Damansara incident to have the authorities review and provide reassurance of their care for our well being.

If the Mayor of KL is sincere, please advise us what the safety regulations are and what the “IKRAM” (or the DBKL daily monitoring) standards are to make the development safe.  This could all be done transparently in a public hearing.

Highland Towers collapsed because of steep hill slope development next to it. It did not fall because of the towers themselves were unsafe.

We are not the only residents near steep hill slopes fearing for their safety. Do read the Star article of 24th October 2012 . The fears of Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar residents are just as real.

Let’s not forget the plight of the resident in Section 10 of Wangsa Majo either.

Please Mr. Mayor, we can’t all be deluded.. or can we?

PS: Do click the highlighted links to read articles related to this blogpost.

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

Wednesday November 7, 2012



Muddy times: Residents are concerned over potential landslips at the Sanctuary Ridge project during the rainy season.

Muddy times: Residents are concerned over potential landslips at the Sanctuary Ridge project during the rainy season.

THE Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is ready to issue stop-work order to developers who fail to comply with safety regulations, said Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib.

He said with the monsoon season hitting the city, developers should be more cautious when carrying out earth works especially at hillslope areas.

Phesal was speaking to reporters after visiting the Sanctuary Ridge project site by Gasing Meridien Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur after residents had expressed their fear of landslip during the rainy season.

“DBKL is closely monitoring the development and the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing minister is also serious about ensuring safety at the sites.

There is another development nearby which is also contributing the dust and congestion with heavy vehicles passing in and out of the site.

“The developer is taking precautionary measure by placing the tarpaulin sheets.

“We also have a case with the MRT developer near Bank Negara with soil dumping, which we have stopped.

“The land belongs to the government but they did not obtain permission from DBKL for soil dumping,” he said.

Phesal added that there should be constant communication between the developer, contractor and residents to address issues.

Resident T. Sivakumaran, 48, who lives nearby the development complained about the dust coming into his home.

He said although the developer and contractor had discussed the matter, nothing was done.

“It has been a year now. I hope they can do something to sort out the dust problem by putting a screen,” he said.

Meanwhile Gasing Meridien director Kenneth Tan cleared the air about landslip. He said they were clearing part of the hill for the development.

Tan added that the clearing will be done in stages and contractors were required to submit reports for every 50m of works carried out at the site.

“Water containment is built together during the soil work at the slope in multiple stages. To ensure there is proper water flow, we have designed a channel with a silt trap at the south east corner.

“We want to esure the safety of the neighbourhood and we will take the necessary precautions,” he said.

Tan added they are ready to stop work at anytime if the development fails to comply with the safety standards set by authorities.



A court decision over the protracted legal tussle involving the former trustees of the Bukit Gasing Sivan temple is to be known in May.

B Nantha Kumar | March 26, 2012
PETALING JAYA: Politics almost always rears its ugly head wherever there is money and a ready audience and that includes religious institutions.
The Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple with its spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur is no different.
The temple is mired in controversy and has drawn not only the ire of devotees who once enjoyed its serenity but also hungry politicians keen on championing a “just” cause in whatever form it takes.
In the ring of contentious issues is the ongoing legal tussle between the temple trustees and a new committee led by M Maharathan, who allegedly hijacked the temple administration and forced open the shrine.
The temple which was under renovation was “closed” three years ago after the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) declared that the land on which the temple was located was unsafe.
But since the protracted legal tussle began, all renovation works have progressively come to a full halt. The case is up for decision in May.
While the main structures of the temple have been boarded up, the shrine itself is open to devotees.
But now of greater concern to some devotees is the undisclosed properties belonging to the temple.
Speaking to FMT, a temple devotee, who declined to be named, said the former trustees are refusing to reveal details of the assets belonging to the temple.
According to the devotee, the temple was built during the British era by the residents living in and around Petaling Jaya.
“The temple became famous due to special prayers and the devotees around the Klang Valley very often visited the temple and this caused politicians to encircle the temple,” he said.
Report lodged with MACC
He claimed that in 2006, the former trustees bought the temple for RM60,000 from its caretaker.
“As far I know, this is the first temple that has been bought with the purpose of administration.
“Why were the trustees willing to pay RM60,000 to buy the temple? he asked.
The devotee claimed that following the purchase, an official committee was formed and former MIC president S Samy Vellu’s wife, Indrani, became the president.
Four others – R Ramasamy, Dr AP Gunasingam, M Ghandinathan and G Rajakrishnan – were appointed trustees.
“Since then, no one has questioned the affairs of the temple. The trustees had a free run on all the money donated by the public until the temple was closed to public,” he said.
He claimed that they (devotees) had lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) with regard to temple assets which were allegedly in the name of one of the trustees.
“We have no details of the properties worth RM11.9 million and a durian plantation worth RM800,000. We had already lodged a report with the MACC but nothing has happened,” he said.
He also alleged that one particular trustee controlled the temple administration, and that as a result of a fall-out with this trustee, another trustee, G Rajakrishnan, had resigned.
Call for independent probe
Rajakrishnan’s statutory declaration was forwarded to FMT and he confirmed that he had resigned due to his unhappiness over the manner the temple administration was being run.
According to the document, Rajakrishnan called for an independent body to be set up to probe into the whereabouts of the temple’s assets.
Meanwhile, a source close to Indrani told FMT that the “powerful” trustee had resigned from the board “sometime in late 2010”, citing health reasons.
The source declined to discuss the issue except to say that the court registrar had two weeks ago advised them not to make public statements as the case was in court awaiting decision.
However, the source did say that all documents was with their lawyers.
Indrani and the said trustee could not be contacted for comment.

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