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By Andy Ng; JAC Member

The Situation…

To put a long story short, although MBPJ has gazzetted the PJ side of Bukit Gasing as a green lung (for now), DBKL has decided to approve the KL side of Bukit Gasing for development.The development will consist of 68 bungalow lots on 38 acres on the KL side, stretching from the 23 million litre water reservoir down until nearby Gasing Indah and Pantai Dalam.

The Dangers…

This development will cause land clearing and deforestation (some clearing and tree felling has started). This development will be sitting on a ground that consist of loose sandstone and shale, soft, unstable and prone to erosion. This kind of land is a civil engineer’s nightmare. Some bungalow projects on the PJ side have been abandoned due to unstable land, erosion and soil movement. Clearing and building on this land might lead to landslides (which are already happening here and there). Moreover a 23 million litre water reservoir sits on top of Bukit Gasing, and only god knows if this reservoir is compromised, what will happen to the residents of Bukit Gasing and Pantai Dalam…

The Actions…

Residents of Bukit Gasing have filed a court case against DBKL for refusing to hold a public hearing prior to approval of the project, and refusing to reveal technical data on the project. Yet the developer is rushing to start off some work before the court hearing on the 23rd April and before the opposition excos comes into full force. Once land is fully cleared, it will be too late and development has to proceed.

How YOU Can Help Save Bukit Gasing…

We need the support of residents and the general public to stop this development before it is too late.

We need financial funding to pay our lawyers and court expenses. Our long term battle includes getting a public hearing with DBKL, getting a stop work order, then proving the site is too dangerous for any development, reversing the approval for development, and finally gazzetting the site as a permanent green lung.

We also need petition support, meaning your signatures and presence in our public petitions and activities.

We need voluntary workers to volunteer their time and effort to organize efforts to campaign our cause.

We need resources such as information and expertise that will support our cause – engineers, geologists, experts, politicians (we already got Hee Loy Sian, Edward Lee, Sivarasa and Elizabeth Wong, and Nurul, to support our cause and bring it up to higher authorities).

We also need contacts with various organizations, bodies and societies that can help support our cause.We have to save Bukit Gasing to avoid potential loss of life and to save the environment.For more information, please visit…

I am a volunteer for the Save Bukit Gasing Joint Action Committee. I hope to be able to gather the support of my friends in whatever way to help Save Bukit Gasing. Please do contact me at 012-329 2626 or if you need to know more. I will be more than happy to explain further.

Even if you cannot find a reason to object to the development, I hope you can help save the environment so that many people can still enjoy their morning walks up Bukit Gasing jungle trails. And let the monkeys and other animals have a place to live. Let there be some green left.

For the lucky affluent (nothing against you guys) who are thinking of buying the property there, think again, the land may not be suitable to build on, and it might be decided that you may not be allowed to build anything there. Definitely a bad investment. And you do not want a 23 million litre water reservoir as your nearby neighbour.

Some pics…

Contacts for Save Bukit Gasing Campaign…
Gary Yeoh, 019 480 8732,
Andy Ng, 012 329 2626,

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