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Pantai Sentral Park

IJM Land - Pantai Sentral Park

IJM Land – Pantai Sentral Park

IJM Land - Pantai Sentral Park

IJM Land – Pantai Sentral Park

Another project on Bukit Gasing (on the KL side of the hill)…now renamed by DBKL as Bukit Kerinchi.

Please watch the video below…..heart wrenching!


Gasing Meridian’s proposed development at Bukit Gasing.

The fight to save Bukit Gasing on KL side from ravages of development had been fought for more than a decade. Promises to listen and even to gazette Bukit Gasing have been made, but nothing have changed. Petitions to DBKL and former PM Abdulah Badawi had been futile. Lately, the pace of development have accelerated. Even residents in low cost apartments in the kampong areas are being evicted to make way for development. If nothing is done, the rich will increasingly own the greens of Bukit Gasing.

In Feb 2008, residents/Owners in close proximity feared for their safety and took DBKL to court for approving development on the steep hill slopes of Bukit Gasing without having a public hearing. After more than 4 years, they are still seeking transparency of approval process through the judicial processes. In the meantime the Federal Territory Minister, Datuk Raja Nong Cik is proposing to wipe clean the stain of devastation of Bukit Gasing by renaming Bukit Gasing in KL to Bukit Kerinchi. Any visitors to Bukit Gasing will have seen that the pace of development on KL side Bukit Gasing has picked up. Locals on KL side are well aware of how Bukit/Kampong Kerinchi (the original ones) are slowly disappearing.

We now seek your support for a Petition to the Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Please email us if you able to help gather signatures for the petition the traditional way or you can help by signing the online version here…

We seek your support and help in communicating to the wider public such that our PM will be aware of the wide public concern on the rampant development on Bukit Gasing KL side that threatens the safety of residents there. Without a public hearing, both the risks of steep hill slope development and the sustainability of Bukit Gasing/Gasing Ridge will not be known. Rampant developments in Bukit Gasing KL side cannot be of benefit to the wider population.

Please help with this appeal.

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

Sign Online Petition here….

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Sat. 24th March 2012 at Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing (PJ Bukit Gasing):  It was good to see more than 50 people that came to the gathering point for the walk. There were many more that were regulars that came and went ahead of the crowd, eager to enjoy the fresh air and nature that PJ Bukit Gasing provided. A number of us from Save Bukit Gasing team joined the Fun Walk. There were quite a number that came to see Bukit Gasing for the first time.

Many that came for the walk had commented on the number of developments that kept creeping up onto Bukit Gasing. All without fail were appalled when we explained that DBKL had almost 2/3rd of what Bukit Gasing originally was, but now only they talked about gazetting about 1/3rd of Bukit Gasing they were responsible for. More importantly, most were disgusted at the failure to protect KL Bukit Gasing by DBKL. All voiced concern at the rampant development in KL side of Bukit Gasing over recent years. In particular, they were shocked at the approval by DBKL for Gasing Meridian to develop multimillionaire bungalows on KL Bukit Gasing. They all shared with our safety concerns.

There was laughter when we mentioned FT Minister’s recent boast at the creation of Taman Bukit Kerinchi (consisting of only 34.6ha). It is evident that whilst Selangor State/MBPJ had quickly moved to gazette all of PJ Bukit Gasing (38ha), DBKL has permitted development on almost 2/3 of Bukit Gasing in their jurisdiction. Further laughter occurred when we mentioned Datuk Raja Nong Cik’s proposal to rename Bukit Gasing to Bukit Kerinchi. Such was the “Fun” in the Fun Walk Day. They changed history, why not geography [sic].

Anyhow, many took the opportunity to have pictures taken with the “Save Bukit Gasing – Save Lives” banner.  Thank you all that came to show your love for Bukit Gasing. Thank you also for giving us the support to spread the word about DBKL’s and FT Ministry’s relentless attempt to remove Bukit Gasing from KL Map. With more public support, we can bring DBKL and FT Ministry to their senses. We cannot and should not allow them to strangle PJ Bukit Gasing by over development. The sustainability of PJ Bukit Gasing will be threatened by their irresponsible actions in promoting developer rights over that of right of us all to a healthy living environment in KL and PJ.

Save Bukit Gasing Logo

At yesterday’s meeting of applicants to Judicial Review on DBKL’s denial of a public hearing to Bukit Gasing residents, a unanimous decision was reach to proceed with an appeal to the Federal Court.

Our lawyers, Sivarasa Rasiah and Balbir Singh were on hand to help explain the complexity of our legal processes. Many were puzzled by the many hearings over the last 4 years of Judicial Review. Frustrations were voiced by many at how their very justifiable fears for safety did not result in achieving a public hearing or reasonable response from DBKL.  Recent earthworks’ landslips in the Gasing Meridian site brought afresh the dangers the development will bring to the community. Concerns were raised about the impact of development so close to the 23 million liter reservoir sited in between Siva Temple and the development (Sanctuary Ridge) by Gasing Meridian.

By the unanimous decision of the meeting to appeal for justice to the highest court of our country, we can now move on united and ready to argue our case.

We urge all our friends to support our cause. Somehow, we need to raise public awareness of how approvals on steep hill slopes in an area prone to landslides could be given without a public hearing. We also need to highlight to the public how KL residents do not have the same rights as the rest of Peninsular Malaysia when it comes to the right to object to development at their door steps.

Please support us in anyway you can. Do come back to visit this site for updates on our fight for justice and view the various posting of our fight over the years.

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

The FT Minister, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, nonchalantly stated over the weekend that Bukit Gasing in Lembah Pantai will be changed to Bukit Kerinchi.

See report from The Star report on Sunday 11th March 2012

Without consultation with the public, the Federal Government is going to wipe out Bukit Gasing from Kuala Lumpur.  Is this an attempt to deceive Malaysians? Consider the following:

Bukit Gasing KL-side is understood to cover 115 hectares and before the drawing of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur boundary, was enjoyed and remembered by many as Bukit Gasing forests. In fact, Bukit Gasing is a stretch of hills in Petaling Jaya into KL and the proposed Sanctuary Ridge is on Bukit Gasing (KL-side).

Is this a precursor to making people forget about promises to gazetted Bukit Gasing forests under jurisdiction of mayor of Kuala Lumpur?  For at least 10 years, mayors of Kuala Lumpur have been promising to make parts of Bukit Gasing a forest reserve. Somehow it’s still to become fact. On top of this, only about 45% of Bukit Gasing under DBKL jurisdiction is being proposed for gazetting.

Some cynics (like me) would wonder if the nonchalant, Datuk Raja Nong Chik’s name change proposal is to boost the attractiveness of approved developments in Bukit Gasing area so as to disassociate current concerns about the lack of urgency by Federal Territory Ministry and DBKL interest in preserving the last potential green lung for Kuala Lumpur. There may be environmentally conscious investors that could be put off?

Perhaps it’s also about dissociating Bukit Gasing from the efforts of Save Bukit Gasing to highlight the fear of residents for their safety because of developments at Bukit Gasing.  Is it also about our highlighting recent problems with earthworks at Bukit Gasing? See recent posts.

Does anyone remember Kampong Kerinchi?  If you click the link, it’s now referred to as Bangsar South. Until 2005, some 60 acres of the land was Kampong Kerinchi. So, where is Kampong Kerinchi to DBKL?

Just click the Google Map for Bukit Kerinchi, you will have to zoom in and ensure the marked balloons stay centre of page.  What do you see? A gradual disappearance of Bukit Kerinchi, encroached by more and more developments?  Well, perhaps it’s a warning that a name change could spell the demise of Bukit Gasing if Federal Territory Ministry and DBKL were to be given a free hand.

We have not been given a public hearing by DBKL to understand why development on the steep hill slopes of Bukit Gasing (soon to be called Bukit Kerinchi?) is safe. We, mere mortals, are apparently overly distrusting of the diligence of DBKL’s approval process. Maybe we need to accept that Medan Damansara landslide was just an unfortunate incidence outside the norm of DBKL diligence.

However, I hope many of you will be upset at the latest proposition by Datuk Raja Nong Chik. If you are, please raise your concerns to your elected representative and petition DBKL against the move. You can also help by sending this link to your friends.

Gary Yeoh – JAC for Bukit Gasing.


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