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THE stop-work order for the Damansara 21 development site will not be lifted until SDB Properties has completed remedial works in the area, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall announced yesterday.

“The developers have yet to complete turf works, the sediment basin and silt traps, which is why the stop-work order has to go on,” DBKL Public Works Department director Siti Saffur Mansor said at a meeting chaired by KL mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan yesterday.

KL mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan

Getting the picture: Hakim speaking to DBKL officers after the meeting.

In April, SDB Properties was slapped with a RM100,000 compound as well as a stop-work order after failing to comply with safety standards.

The Damansara 21 project, which began in early December, comprises 21 bungalows costing between RM10mil and RM15mil each.

Siti Saffur said the earliest the stop-work order could be lifted would be in August as the developer needed time to complete the drainage system in the area.

She added that allegations by certain parties that DBKL officers hardly visited the site were also untrue.

“We have officers visiting the site daily and a meeting with the developers is held every Friday where they will update us on the situation,” Siti Saffur said.

During the meeting Hakim also denied claims made by residents that he had approved the development inaccurately.

“After listening to reports and professional advice from Government officials on the project, we felt that the project could be allowed to go on but certain rules had to be met.

“It is not easy for the DBKL to entertain requests made by residents to nullify the approvals because we found that the appropriate channels were followed,” Hakim said, adding that the developer had also not paid the compound.

When contacted, SDB Properties communication and corporate affairs manager Lina Othman said the company had paid the compound.

“We paid the compound in May and also wrote to DBKL to lift the stop-work order early this month,” she said.

However, she confirmed that work on the drainage system was still under way and the company did not know it had to be completed before City Hall lifted the order.

Hakim also said SDB Properties had agreed to mend the damaged roof of a bungalow after a June 11 incident when one of the trees at the site was uprooted and fell into a house, causing a branch to pierce through the roof and enter the master bedroom.


Email to Star’s Citizenblog….

Should the Mayor of DBKL Resign?


Further to your article “Stop-work order still in force” on Medan Damansara of Sat. 14th June, I am appalled at the blatant inability of the Mayor of DBKL to accept responsibility of the massive error in approving the development called Damansara 21.

Any Mayor who is not aware that the development will be on steep hill slopes have is not fit to be a Mayor of KL. If he did, he needs to explain how it had to be at the instigation of Medan Damansara RA before the issue of missing approvals from the Drainage Dept. and deficiencies in drainage system and slit traps for the development to be discovered. How can a Development Order (DO) have been issued without those conditions being clearly spelt out, approved and monitored by his officers? Was he too young when Highland Towers disaster occurred? If not, was he suffering from short term memory lapses when he approved the DO?

It must be a massive worry to all citizens of KL that their Mayor is oblivious of his duties to ensure approvals (assuming that he doesn’t have a clue about balancing the rights of affected residents) that development must conform to Federal regulations for safe development and such requirements must be stated in the DOs. For anyone leaving near hill slopes, they have to be even more worried that DBKL seem to involve the department for Sensitive Environment (JPPKSAS) sparingly. If it does, the JPPKSAS sleeps on the job and fails to invoke Federal Government rules and regulations such as the Garis Panduan Pembangunan Di Kawasan Tanah Tinggi (GPPDKTT- as amended in June 2002) that in Section 3.1.4 ,requires an EIA for the whole development if there are class 3 & 4 slopes (mixture of slopes ≥250 and ≥350 gradient). The JPPKSAS has famously claimed that no EIA is required for areas under 50 hectares even for steep hill slope development, oblivious that they are not applying federal rules and regulations.

Is this Mayor also ignorant of the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020: i) EN 6 – CHKL shall not permit development on hillside with slope that exceeds the allowable level, rules and regulations set by the Federal Government; and ii) EN 7: CHKL shall ensure that geo-technical study is carried out for all hillside developments.? If he did, he needs to explain how his approval of Damansara 21 meets the “the ‘fit to terrain’ concept in layout design should be applied in all developments in hilly locations”

Damansara 21 had been approved on hill slopes greater than allowable slope gradient of 35o, which is supposed to have been prohibited. It is visible to all that the terrain of the hill has been changed drastically. If DBKL had applied the rules correctly, residents in Medan Damansara would have been saved from the anguish they now have to bear.

It is equally sad that the Deputy FT Minister should be rebutting Medan Damansara’s residents call for the Mayor to resign for failure to protect the safety of residents by the Mayor’s act of dereliction of duties.

Residents of KL, be aware the wolves in your mist. Sheep in wolves’ clothing is in the DKLCP.

Gary Yeoh

JAC for Bukit Gasing.

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