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Story and photos by EDWARD R. HENRY

Serious matter: Tengku Nazaruddin and Sharifah Nur Armina discussing landslip matters with Alinah in Jalan 5/60.Serious matter: Tengku Nazaruddin and Sharifah Nur Armina discussing landslip matters with Alinah in Jalan 5/60.

IMMEDIATE corrective measures have been ordered to curb the movement of mud and uprooted trees on the slope of Bukit Gasing along Jalan 5/60 leading to Fraser Towers, where six landslips have been noted.

Yesterday, at 8.25am, Petaling Jaya mayor Datin Paduka Alinah Ahmad paid a surprise visit to the area and was taken aback on seeing the extent of the mudflow at various locations from the top of the hill to Jalan 5/60.

“It is bad. The mudflow from the top of the hill looks like it has increased. Roots of mature trees are exposed and some have fallen onto other trees.

“It is a progressive slipping of the earth and it will continue with the evening rains. Appropriate short-term measures have been activated and long-term remedial measures must be taken to counter this grave problem,” she said.

Cause for concern: Mud by the side of the road along Jalan 5/60, Section 5, Bukit Gasing.Cause for concern: Mud by the side of the road along Jalan 5/60, Section 5, Bukit Gasing.

Alinah had made a visit on Jan 9 and said that based on her observations from the first visit, the situation had worsened.

On an urgent note, she called the Selangor government to obtain special approval to engage contractors to remove the mud and fallen trees and to prune trees that are in danger of falling.

She said a geo-membrane would be used to cover the exposed slope as it would offer an effective, impervious barrier to water and run-off.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) complaints department director Tengku Nazaruddin Tengku Zainuddin, engineering department deputy director Abdul Shukor Mohamed Noor, private secretary Sharifah Nur Armina and junior officers from the council’s landscape department were also present during the visit.

On seeing the small crowd of MBPJ officers, Fraser Towers joint management body chairman Mohamed Kamar came forward to discuss the worrying situation with Alinah.

Alinah told the officers and residents that the landslip in Bukit Gasing area had been classified as a “priority matter”.

She made a quick decision to get the contractors to start work immediately and warned them not to dump the mud on the other side of the slope leading to SM Taman Petaling, as had happened last Sunday.

“Quick decisions must be made in matters of such a nature. We cannot allow it to endanger lives and property.

“We have Fraser Towers here, and below that, SM Taman Petaling and residential properties.

“I made the decision as landscape department director Zuraidah Sainan is not here,” said Alinah.

Alinah told StarMetro that she would meet with Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib to discuss development projects on Bukit Gasing’s Kuala Lumpur border, which are believed to have caused the soil movement.

“We must see what can be done to minimise the impact on our side of Bukit Gasing and to avert more landslips in the future,” she said.

Mohamed said he and the residents were glad to see Alinah providing immediate solutions to address the landslip.

“We want the council to maintain the hill.

“Our residents want the council to institute effective preventive measures and MBPJ must install equipment to monitor the movement of soil.

“In addition, no development must be allowed on the slope as it will be a recipe for disaster,” he said.