The community at the foot of Bukit Gasing (KL Side) has not given up their fight against DBKL. It’s now more than 5 yrs since 108 applied on behalf of the community to the High Court for a judicial review of DBKL’s decision not to give the affected community the right to a public hearing. This blog has documented the battles that were fought to get recognition of our fears that development on the steep slopes on Bukit Gasing could cause landslides and lives.

The High Court ruled against our Judicial Review in Sept 2011 and appeal to Court of Appeal was made. Court of Appeal on a majority decision basis ruled against our appeal in March this year. The Court of Appeal unanimously ruled against the High Court’s main reasons for judgement. However, on a majority (2 to 1) decision, our appeal was turned down based on certain powers attributable to the mayor of KL. Those who were at the Court of Appeal would have felt the strength of the dissenting judge’s opinion on the basis of the majority decision.

So finally, we are now at the Federal Court for the leave to appeal hearing.  As much as we are confident that leave to appeal will be accepted by the Federal Court, we would value your support and prays for the day.  Perhaps those who are free would like to visit our Palace of Justice at Putrajaya to support us. As is normal, we don’t know when the hearing will start. So, a group of us will be there from the morning (9:30am latest)

In the meantime, do watch the video on the extent of damage that is being done to Bukit Gasing right now.  This is in addition to what is being done to Bukit Gasing (KL-Side) by DBKL in their attempts to obliterate the existence of Bukit Gasing in KL by calling it Bukit Kerinchi.  Please help to communicate our plight by inviting those that support safe development and environment protection to our blog.

JAC for Bukit Gasing