On Tues 27th March 2012, DBKL held a seminar in Institut Latihan DBKL to present changes to the Draft KL City Plan. Presentations were made on DBKL plans for providing recreation parks, “Blue Corridor”, “River of Life” and cycle ways plus much more in present a caring City Hall for improving our lot.

As they spoke, on the north side of Pantai Dalam and just beside the Community Centre down from Pantai Hill Park Phase 5, massive earthworks have began. There have been protests by the people in Pantai Hill Park and Pantai Panaroma against development on the site over the last year or so. They have been blighted by the massive traffic congestions and have voiced their concern on the many developments eating away into Bukit Gasing/Gasing Ridge. See the DBKL approved destruction of Bukit Gasing.

Pantai Hill Park

Click on photo montage to see photo gallery of development near Pantai Hill Park Phase 5….

Do you notice how close the development is to Angkasa Apartments in Kampong Kerinchi? What of their safety? Those who hike through Bukit Gasing will find that their hiking pathways will shrink over time unless the public can unite to turn the tide to restrain DBKL in reducing Bukit Gasing as now set in their revised Draft KL City Plan.

Again, one mighit recall Datuk Raja Rong Cik’s boast about Taman Bukit Kerinchi and his desire to change KL Bukit Gasing to Bukit Kerinchi.  Well, I challenge you all to find the park that was published with pictures in “RM20mil park in Taman Bukit Kerinchi“. Do note that it’s supposed to be a “big” 34.6ha [sic]. What happened to the 52ha mentioned in The Sun report? Whilst at the Community Centre, I was informed by the locals there that Bukit Kerinchi is essential the hill the centre sits on and the rest was for them Bukit Gasing, a series of hills to their south and along PJ Bukit Gasing.

It is amazing how DBKL would rather create “recreation parks” then preserve and conserve forests that would provide a green belt that both PJ and KL residents can enjoy. Isn’t conserving and preserving as much of Bukit Gasing/Gasing Ridge as we have now more effective and sustainable?

Can we afford to remain silent? What will our children be left with in the future?