Palace of Justice, PutraJaya. 6th.March 2012

As one can read from the Bernama report today (see article below), it’s a disappointing day for residents and friends of Bukit Gasing.

It seems that owners of properties in Petaling Jaya (or for that matter anywhere else in the states of Peninsular Malaysia) would have the opportunity to object to a proposed development as provided for under the Town & Country Planning Act as amended in 2001, the same may not apply to residents in Federal Territories of KL.

Isn’t it puzzling that whilst a property owner in Petaling Jaya will have the right to object to a proposed development under MBPJ jurisdiction, he/she will not have the same rights if the proposed development falls within DBKL jurisdiction as his/her right to object will be limited by other rules?

The community will need time to review Court of Appeal decision. It has been a very puzzling day for residents and friends of Save Bukit Gasing.

Do come back for updates. We may have lost in the short-term, but our determination to consider options will not diminish.

Gary Yeoh
JAC for Bukit Gasing.