YB Nurul Izzah was present in support of our cause.

In response to concerns of various residents living in the vicinity of proposed development at Bukit Gasing (KL-side), Support Day was organized to allow residents and friends to remind DBKL that their concerns have not gone away. The earthworks on the steep hill slopes of Bukit Gasing continue to worry residents. Given the landslides in Medan Damansara, (where DBKL initially approved development of 21 bungalows) and tragic loss of lives in Bukit Antarabangsa, we have every reason to be worried.

We estimated that more than 150 people came and stood together to show their concerns. Many others came to sign on the banner provided and had to leave. It was especially good to see many youths at the event. No doubt they came wondering why DBKL supports development on Bukit Gasing when there is already a fast diminish of green space.

We are pleased that YB Nurrul Izzah (MP Pantai Dalam), YB Hee Loy Sian (MP PJ Selatan) and representatives of our late Edward Lee (Adun for Bukit Gasing) came to stand with the ressidents and friends of Bukit Gasing. Similarly, we note the presences of TV3 and many media reporters. It’s good that they have also come to give coverage of the day.

Sadly, DBKL and Federal Territiory Minister continue to ignore our concerns. One wonders where is their People First policy. Why is it so difficult for them to acknowledge and demonstrate they care for residents’ fear for safety? As a nation, we have regularly seen the deadly results of landslides caused by developments on steep hill slopes and lack of stringent conditions in such development approvals. Maintenance and monitoring of hill slope developments drainage, roads and slopes don’t seem to exist . Whilst technology may exist for safe hill slope development, we have yet to understand how our authorities are objectively and transparently ensuring such developments are safe.

On Tuesday, 6th of March 2012, our appeal against High Court’s rejection of our Judicial Review will be heard at Court of Appeal in Putrajaya. Despite the 4 years of our seeking the courts’ review of DBKL’s decision not to give us a public hearing, residents are still prepared to battle against the lack of concern and transparency shown by DBKL. Sometimes many of us feel powerless against the might of DBKL, but we know we have to continue to voice our concerns.

We voice our concerns not just for ourselves but for our future generations. None of us should live in fear. Hills and forests in such an urbanized area as KL are important legacies for the future. Bukit Gasing under the jurisdiction of DBKL should be extensively preserved for future generations as a green lung and recreation area. DBKL has no credibility when it puts development for multi-millionaire homes above the rights of general public for a liveable and sustainable environment for the public.

Now, view the pictures for the day. Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

Gary Yeoh
JAC for Bukit Gasing.