Many friends, co-workers and residents of Petaling Jaya has gathered to pay their last respect to YB Edward Lee. As many more will gather with his family to bid a final farewell to him this Friday before he journeys on to his final resting place, memories of his dedication and concern for his fellow men will remain.

YB Edward Lee has dedicated many of his years working for communities in PJ. As founder member of APAC (All Petaling Jaya Residents’ Association Coalition) and then the Adun for Bukit Gasing, he had been an ardent worker, striving to resolve problems and issues faced by many in PJ and Selangor. Despite his illness, he had continued to be actively engaged in resolving issues presented to him until he was physically unable to do so in the final few days of his life.

For us in Joint Action Committee for Bukit Gasing, we are grateful for his strong support for our cause. His decade and more dedication to preserve Bukit Gasing both in PJ and KL will be remembered by many. Many he has met considered him a friend and will miss him.

YB Edward may be gone, but many of us will remember him for his “to live is to care” attitude in serving his constituency and fellow men. Our world will be a little poorer. However, he will remain an inspiration to many who strive to serve and contribute to the communities we live in.

JAC for Bukit Gasing.