High-risk area: The tattered sheets on the slope below the Bukit Gasing temple


THE Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has installed durable tarpaulin sheets to replace the tattered ones on the hillslope near Bukit Gasing’s Sivan Temple on June 4.

Councillor Derek Fernandez said MBPJ contractors did the installation under the supervision of its engineering department and Public Works Institute of Malaysia (Ikram).

The cost of over RM20,000 was borne by MBPJ and will be charged to the temple trustees, who have agreed.

Early this year there was a landslip and the temple trustees were instructed to install proper tarpaulin sheets which they have failed to do, pending rectification work to reinforce the slope.

Better protection: The durable tarpaulin sheets installed by MBPJ to replace the torn ones.

Derek said the current legal tussle between the temple’s trustees and the newly-formed Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple Association — as to who is the rightful party to manage the temple — is hampering the rectification work.

“This is at best only a temporary solution and I hope the trustees or temple management will act in the best interest of the public and devotees and immediately start the hillslope rectification, reinforcement works and proper drainage.

“After all, both sides want to build a temple on the land for all and presumably both sides want this temple to be safe for the devotees and public. Both sides should put aside their differences and corporate to rectify the slope immediately,” he said.

“However, I would prefer another 150 meters of sheets to cover until the bottom subject to Ikram and engineering assessment,” he added.