Google Map indicating the recent landslide area (Map by Mircea Tataru)

Upon receiving the photos yesterday, I immediately asked the mbpj engineering team and ikram to inspect site. Although there was no new landslide the situation was unacceptable as the temple trustees and consultant had use low grade covers for the exposed parts when they were specifically instructed by mbpj and ikram to use high quality covers that do not tear easily and degrade when exposed to UV lights. Two months ago the temple trustees agreed to do two things, one reduce load by removing some structures and rectifying slope and in the interim to cover area with proper sheeting. Nothing has been done by them because there is now a legal tussle between the temple trustees and another person both claiming to be the legitimate body to manage the temple. This other person had however entered the temple and did on his own accord remove several structures to lessen load and has submitted an application to start the slope rectification works within 2 weeks.  As this drama continues, we cannot wait for them. I today asked the mayor to authorize funds so that MBPJ and IKRAM will put up proper sheeting in the interests of public safety and we can bill the defaulters later. I am pleased to say the mayor immediately approved this and our contractor was up there today and will be there tomorrow with ikram to start getting the material and laying it. I am upset and expressed my disgust to the mayor and State Government  for our people and ikram not monitoring and ensuring compliance with the instructions given to the temple trustees to use proper cover material. This lackadaisical attitude makes a mockery of hillsite safety, and its time the state start sacking people. I am thankful for our resident’s vigilance. Such an unacceptable situation can lead to an increased risk of  slope failure, if there is say 3 days continuous rain. Anyway this is an interim measure and I hope the slope rectification starts soon. The state government must step in and not wait till the court decides who represents the temple and is responsible to do work. I will keep you informed of any developments.


MBPJ Councillor

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‘Sivan Temple not open, site still unstable’ – YouTube Video

Contrary to claims, the Sivan Temple in Bukit Gasing has not been re-opened to the public, as the Petaling Jaya City Council does not deem the site to be safe as yet.

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