By Zedeck Siew

Following our Cheat Sheet about the Bukit Gasing development issue, we thought it best to hear things directly from the horse’s mouth. So here’s an interview with Gary Yeoh: local resident, Chairperson of the Maxwell Towers Owners Association, and member of the Joint Action Committee for Bukit Gasing. He is also a regular blogger for the Save Bukit Gasingwebsite.

Gary talks about getting organised, feeling discouraged, and seeing things as a small part of the larger picture:

How did Save Bukit Gasing come about?

It began in 2006, as a reaction to renewed efforts by developers Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd to build on 15.5ha of steep hill slopes in Bukit Gasing. This development threatens the lives and homes of Gasing Condos (specifically the Fraser, Cameron, and Maxwell Towers) and Gasing Indah landed properties. Many of us are fearful of a Highland Towers-like disaster happening at our doorsteps, should the development be allowed.

Also, many of us moved into the area because of the backdrop of Bukit Gasing, and we feel upset by the wanton destruction of scarce “green lungs”, that development on the hills represent.

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