Yesterday’s blog (13th Oct) attracted a spike of visits to the site. I wondered why. Is it the cute acronym of “FoS”.  So, I shall continue the winning streak and retain the magic word. After all, DBKL and FT Ministry officials clearly feel that it’s a good mantra for steep hill slope development safety.

DBKL, in championing FoS and GP WPKL, has now ruled that Damansara 21 shall now be Damansara 16. Did the 16 agencies supporting DBKL made an error of 31% in earlier approval?  Suppose we apply the same margin of error (say before homes get destroyed), the FoS should be increased by 31%.  Now, this would mean a FoS of 1.965.

Wah lah, what do you know? If you read the Wikipedia definition of FoS in my earlier blog, the common FoS for each structural member in a building is 2.0.  Amazingly close to the FoS 1.965 figure above?

Did you know that a buffer zone of 4.5 metres is shorter than the length of a Proton Perdana?

Fascinated by FoS touted by DBKL and FT & Urban Well-Being Ministry, I called a geotechnical engineer contact for his views.  Neh, now is not the time to talk about that.  However, it occurred to me that a variation of the acronym for FoS, i.e. “Factor of Stupidity”, could equally apply. Consider the below:

  • DBKL slope engineering unit has an engineer, two geologist and technical assistants for slope (figure given Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib – Secretary-General of FT & Urban Well-Being Ministry)
  • There are 24,221ha of hill slope areas in KL to be monitored by team of 3?
  • National Slope Master Plan says information it has is insufficient for landslide hazard analysis, such as failure dimension and causes of failure.
  • Only 13 geotechnical experts registered as accredited engineers by Board of Engineers Malaysia
  • Many of our hill slope landslides are due to poor construction and supervision, but we have heard nothing about tightening up on monitoring of contractors, developers and mandatory supervision of constructions.

Well, I guess I still have some way to go to understand the legendary wisdom of our leaders. 😉

Gary Yeoh – JAC for Bukit Gasing.