It was reported in the Malay Mail and The Sun that the Medan Damansara (Damansara 21) development has been approved and that the GP WPKL 2010 (DBKL’s special recipe for safe hill slope development) will ensure approved developments will be safe.

Here are some of the special benefits of the GP WPKL 2010:

  • It will now be Damansara 16 not 21 [phew, someone remembered not to select no 14]
  • FoS of slopes when completed will be between 1.4 to 2.9 [oops, somebody used no 14]
  • New “U-Drain” to be included [oh yes, “U-turn” on concern for Medan Damansara safety]
  • Buffer of 4.5 meters [so landslide debris better not be too much and hope there are no swimming pools]

Of late, DBKL and Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Ministry Secretary General Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib have been loudly proclaiming that the FoS (Factor of Safety) of not less than 1.5 stipulated in the GP WPKL 2010 will ensure safe hill developments.  So, how true is this?

Visit this site for a definition of Factor of Safety and you will find that FoS are only as good as the prediction of assumed load and the environmental conditions that walls and structures built for hill slope developments are supposed to withstand.  The use of a Factor of Safety does not imply that an item, structure, or design is “safe”.

The National Slope Master Plan (published in Sept 2009) acknowledged that available information is insufficient for landslide hazard analysis, such as failure dimension and causes of failure. It also highlighted the lack of resources and skills in government agencies. So, is GP WPKL 2010 a recipe for safe hill slope development or a disaster for residents?

Read the reports below and ponder if KL will ever become a world class city. Let’s forget about the tropical garden city bit as it is quite clear that DBKL have no desire for greenery.

Cabinet okays Damansara 21 project/Stop at 16 (The Sun)

Damansara 21 project still can’t resume yet (The Malay Mail)

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Gary Yeoh – JAC for Bukit Gasing.