Star Metro dated 17/9/2010

The older Sivan temple started renovation plans about five years ago but work has been suspended, leaving the temple in a limbo. It was not an easy project to begin with – there is insufficient flat land on which to build. Extensive foundation work is required and the works are often blamed for any landslides that occur in the vicinity, be they true or otherwise. The Sri Maha Kaliamman temple located below experienced several landslides which damaged parts of the temple and fortunately no one was hurt in any of these incidents to date.

Gasing Hill is part of range of hills which includes Kerinchi and Pantai hills. This range is also a boundary between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Communities around Gasing Hill are often at loggerheads with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) due to the latter’s willingness to approve hillside developments. The courts recently ruled that DBKL is not obliged to hold a public hearing on a proposed development at Gasing Hill. The Petaling Jaya side remains relatively untouched and is considered one of the few green lungs left in the city. Properties built here were limited to those at the foothills and below, forming the bulk of Section 5.

Gasing Hill is apparently a gazetted forest reserve. It is a secondary jungle and was formerly a part of a rubber plantation. There are several jungle trails here which connect the five peaks found in this range. It is literally a jungle within an urban jungle!

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