Lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah briefing the press regarding the High Court’s ruling against an application by Bukit Gasing residents for a judicial review. Photo credit: dantang

Malaysiakini – Sep 6, 10 4:15pm

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has dismissed an application by Bukit Gasing residents for a judicial review over a luxury bungalow housing project in the area.

Justice Aziah Ali ruled that based on the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982, the 108 applicants who opposed the project did not have a right to have the case heard.

Aziah’s judgement, which also lifted a stay order, meant that the 70-bungalow project which had been delayed for 30 months can now resume.

The grounds of Aziah’s judgment would be given in a few days.

The applicants for the judicial review had attempted to seek a court ruling to stop the project in order to protect Bukit Gasing, which is one of the few green lungs near Kuala Lumpur.