Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 23:06:43 +0800

Numerous signboards have been put up along Jalan 5/60, numbering the parcels of land, the land size and telephone contact number.

The lots for sale along 5/60 belong to the Petaling Garden group and do not form part of the gazette green belt in PJ ( in fact there are some more lots near the sivan temple too). However in my opinion the slopes are too steep to allow and development as looking at it it exceeds in some places class4 slopes which under the Selangor hillslope guidelines is prohibited ( greater than 35deg), class 3 ( 25 to 35 ) is allowed to be dev under strict conditions. I can confirm that to date there is no application to dev this land  and mbpj has not given any approval. If there were there will be a signboard on site calling for public comment and objection. I will certainly let your leaders know if MBPJ receives any and you can object. Be that as it may. Because it is private land there is very little we can do to stop them selling the individual lots to people . I will try to get more details from mbpj planning dept and let u know; If possible a meeting can be arranged to prepare a plan of action. As u are aware apart from this there are several battles taking place now to save the kl side of bukit gasing. One is  in court where yb  sivarasa and I are your lawyers and is awaiting decision. The other has just started in pantai dalam and one is yet to start in the same area. Yes the forest may be cut in half but not without a fight.


Derek Fernandez

Chairman – JAC for Bukit Gasing