This is the second MSM article purporting that there may not be development on Bukit Gasing. The first was in The Star – Central Metro on 14th July under “Mayor Speaks?. The mayor said DBKL will not agree to development on 4 hill,Bukit Tabur, Bukit Gasing, Bukit Nenas and Bukit Sungai Besi. Then he goes on to talk about how responsible and diligent DBKL will be. One wonders how Medan Damansara residents feels about the many agencies that permitted the denuding of trees at the very steep hill slopes that Damansara 21 development give such careful DBKL planning and approval controls. Two houses sufferred landslide damages and only be the grace of god, no fatalities occurred.

At the sametime as the “Mayor Speaks” article a notice board was up in the DBKL community centre in Pantail Dalam/Bukit Gasing area announcing two 26 stories condo that wasn’t even in the draft KL City Plan that we had objected to.

Now, the Mayor talks about having submitted 52.6ha of Bukit Gasing to be gazetted and needing approval from the Land Office. Hello? He doesn’t know if he has the power?  NST quotes that Bukit Gasing on KL side comprises 115.6 ha. So, KL is only going to gazzette about 45.5% of the green lung that could have been preserved!

Yet more strange, DBKL continues to be silent on whether they will withdraw the DO given to Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd. The hill that Gasing Meridion will destroy is what most people will see and identify as Bukit Gasing on KL side.

We have to be vigilant and not fall prey to deliberate attempts to confuse and hide DBKL’s lack fo care for preservation of our limited green lungs, sustainable development and safety to residents.

Access “Mayor Speaks” here…

Gary Yeoh