Any straight forward Malaysian would think that DBKL is finally begining to understand and sympathise with the concerns of Gasing residents, who have gone to court to press for their rights. But those in the know wonder why the D.O.s have not been rescinded in such case, which would be entirely within DBKL’s capacity to do. Does the land office decide this? Then there is the matter of state land vs private land, that DBKL has been coy about, and the press none the wiser about. And the press conference and manner of the reporting, both transparent as slate, continues to beguile an unsuspecting public at large. Yet we hope…

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Ashok Menon

Up to the Land Office now
By Nuradzimmah Daim, NST Streets, July 23, 2010

City Hall has applied for the Kuala Lumpu side of Bukit Gasing to be gazetted as forest reserve. — Picture by Supian Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR: The application to gazette part of Bukit Gasing as a forest reserve was sent to the Land Office a month ago.

Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad Ismail said the application was to gazette 52.6ha of the Kuala Lumpur part of the land as a forest reserve.

“We just have to wait for the Land Office to give its approval for our application to have part of the hill gazetted as a forest reserve, with 6ha serving as a buffer zone,” said Fuad.

He said this at a press conference after chairing a meeting with KL members of parliment at City Hall headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut on Thursday night.

Bukit Gasing residents have been fighting for the KL side of the green lung to be gazetted as a forest reserve for years.

They had filed a suit against City Hall who they claimed failed to consult the neighbouring residents before it gave planning approvals to developer Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd to build 68 bungalows on a 15.5ha site on the KL side of Bukit Gasing.

City Hall, in an order dated Oct 2, 2008 issued to Gasing Meridian, allowed the developer to carry out earth works and sub-divisions in the area.

Friends of Bukit Gasing said the decision to allow development there on the KL land contradicted assurance given by former Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Isa Samad and former mayor Datuk Mohmad Shaid Mohd Taufek that the land would be gazetted as a forest reserve.

A total of 37.6 ha of the Bukit Gasing on the Petaling Jaya side was gazetted as a forest reserve in 1961.

The Kuala Lumpur side covers 115.6ha hectares and it includes state land.