This is exactly what we fear – develop an unsafe hillslope and see the disasterous after-effects months or years later. This is an MBPJ foul up. Though there were no approvals, MBPJ looked the other way, since it was a ‘sensitive’ subject.
Gods can’t be bribed. But there are no shortages of ‘experts’ willing to certify that the Bukit Gasing development will be safe, when there’s money to be made. Will DBKL and the Developers ever learn?
Landslide on hill temple
by Meena L. Ramadas, theSUN, June 2, 2010-06-04
PETALING JAYA (June 1, 2010): A landslide at the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Bukit Gasing last night startled some 20 devotees who were in the midst of prayers, but fortunately did not cause any injuries.
The landslide, which occurred at 9pm, damaged the back portion of the temple, resulting in the temple committee deciding to close the house of worship until further notice.
A temple worker S. Aridharan, 25, told theSun devotees who were sitting on the floor in the main prayer hall when the landslide occurred. A fridge nearby toppled over, narrowly missing the devotees.


Sri Maha Kaliamman worker S. Aridharan, 28, shows the area where the landslide occured. The store room’s zink roof and wall backed by the hill was destroyed by the landslide.Sri Maha Kaliamman temple two workers clean up the debris caused by the landslide.

Temple chairman P. Puharasan, 29, said the landslide affected the newly extended section of the temple and damaged the store room. “We spent more than RM200,000 to on the extension and it was supposed to be opened this year,” said Puharasan, who was clearly disheartened by the incident.
He said this is the third time a landslide has occurred at the temple in recent years. The temple is backed by a small hill. The first two landslides occurred in 2006 at the old section of the temple.
“That is why we extended the temple to make it more safe for the devotees,” he said. “And now, the landslide has occurred at the new section.” He said between 300 and 500 devotees pray at the temple weekly and feared for their safety if more landslides occurred.
Puharasan said the temple should be relocated in view of the landslides. “We are appealing to the state government to offer any sort of assistance,” he added.
He said he had made several requests to the state government on it, but has not received a reply. When contacted, Bukit Gasing assemblyman Edward Lee said the temple committee has agreed to identify a suitable location for relocation and pledged to assist them.