Residents continue to fight against a project to build 68 bungalows on Bukit Gasing. — File pictures

Reshmonu has a surprise in store for guests at the Bukit Gasing fundraiser.


2010/03/24 – NST – Streets
PETALING JAYA: “Expect the unexpected!’ is Reshmonu’s advice to guests of the “Help Save Bukit Gasing” fundraising dinner on April 10.

The singer-songwriter has, in the past, performed funk-soul, ballads, pop, Latin, African and Malay-inspired music all over the country. But this time he will be performing at the community hall in his own Section 5 neighbourhood, with some friends and sessionists.

“It’s not a big hall but it’s a big cause,” he said.

“It’s never been about the audience capacity. It’s an opportunity to get up there and sing, which I love. To sing for a cause is even better.”

Reshmonu moved into the Bukit Gasing area four years ago. From his apartment, he can see the forest, “the last green lung in Petaling Jaya”, and feel a fresh breeze.

But it was only over the past year that he became aware of the residents’ court battle against a project to build 68 bungalows on the hill that has gradients of up to 70 degrees, approved by Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

On March 19, the Federal Court dismissed a leave application by City Hall and Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd to appeal a Court of Appeal decision last year. Now the trial will begin in the High Court.

“I’ve seen the way the whole Gasing community has got together and taken this issue to such a high level,” said the 34-year-old, who is working on a new album of vocal house music to be released mid- year.

“They’ve always been apprehensive about knocking on my door.”

But when he was asked to perform at the dinner, “I felt the time was right to help get some funds in and keep this green lung as intact as possible.”

Reshmonu stressed that he was not against development, “but it should be done properly and in the proper places. You can’t put up luxury bungalows on the hill and face the consequences later.”

“You must be 300 per cent sure the soil can take the development and, from what I’ve heard, it can’t. There is soil erosion on that hill and it’s not safe.”

The Federal Court ordered City Hall and the developer each to pay RM20,000 as costs.

The dinner, for which invitation is by donation, is not only to raise funds for the campaign to save Bukit Gasing but also to cover legal expenses, said Gary Yeoh, chairman of Maxwell Towers Owners Association.

“It is an opportunity to support the fight to stop further building on Bukit Gasing and also for communities similarly affected to show solidarity. We are not celebrating until the hill and our lives are safe,” said Yeoh.

Some of the residents will also be performing and committee member Mohamed Kamar Mohamed is planning a Dutch auction.

For details, call Gary Yeoh at 019-480 8732 or Mohamed Kamar Mohamed at 012-291 9564.