The Malaysian Insider  

By Neville Spykerman

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — Both the federal and Selangor governments, embroiled in a tussle over declassifying the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide report, have been reminded not to lose sight of the fact that five lives were lost in the tragedy and that victims deserve answers.

“We are not bothered about the politics, just give us the report,” Bukit Antarabangsa action committee chairman Datuk N. Muniandy said yesterday.

He said the victims of the Dec 6 landslide last year, which also destroyed 14 bungalows and caused million in damages, had been waiting long enough.

Last week, the Selangor mentri besar attempted to declassify the

Public Works Department (PWD) report but backtracked after the federal

government threatened action if the status of the report was changed.

A summary report released by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim indicated a burst pipe, at an abandoned housing project on the slope overlooking the buried houses, was the main cause of the landslide.

On Wednesday, the New Straits Times quoted the Work Minister as saying there was no need for the ministry to declassify the report because Khalid had already issued statements on the reasons for the tragedy.

The minister has also instructed its legal department to determine if the Selangor government had violated the OSA by releasing a summary of the classified document…