Note from JAC for Bukit Gasing:  Elizabeth Wong is one of our strongest supporters and this blog started on her initiative. We appeal to all readers to support this appeal. Please go to the online petition link and show your support before you leave this site.

Better still, Do It Now!

Spread the word and if you are able get 10 signatures before noon tomorrow to send as noted below.

Many thanks and regards
Gary Yeoh

By this Wednesday, Menteri Besar of Selangor will seek an audience with the Sultan of Selangor to seek HRH’s advice on the position of Elizabeth Wong as an Executive Councillor.

Some unscrupulous person has violated her privacy by not only photographing her in her sleep but also stealing and mongering her personal data. The constituents and voters of Bukit Lanjan,  elected her last March 8  to carry out her duties without fear or favour. Eleven months after her coming into office as both the state assemblyperson and an executive councillor of Selangor, we are truly satisfied with her performance.

We believe the malicious campaign against her is motivated by hatred of what Eli and we stand up for – sustainable development, accountability, and social justice.

If we give in to such gutter politics, we will lose a good politician who will not budge one inch on hillside development. Since 1990, 74 lives had been lost to hillside development in Klang Valley, with 48 in Highland Tower and six in Bukit Antarabangsa.

Had Eli been sitting in the Executive Council 20 years ago, all these lives might have been spared. In the past 11 months, she ensured that not even one single hillside development project was passed while 99 such projects had been approved under one former Menteri Besar

Would we allow Eli to heed the call of the latter to resign and expose our lives and properties to the risk of landslide? No way. That’s why Eli’s fate must not be sealed to please the political vultures.

We hold firm that the people have the final say of who should be in the office. Parti Keadilan Rakyat offered her to serve us. We accepted that offer and we are happy. We now expect PKR to honour its commitment in this service contract. We object to and shall take offence of any unilateral premature termination of contract.

Your Action Counts

How do we show to the Palace and the politicians our wish and resolve to retain Eli’s service, and with that, a brighter future for the environment and the people in Bukit Lanjan and Selangor?

We shall show it by collecting 10,000 signatures in 24 hours, counting from 11am today February 23 (Monday) when we started our campaign to 11 am February 24 (Tuesday) when the campaign is closed. This is something unprecedented for a cause of this nature.

While other friends have set up online petition campaign, we recognize that many Malaysians are offline or not accustomed to online petition. We want to bring 10,000 signatures from the streets of Bukit Lanjan and elsewhere.

Is it achievable to collect 10,000 signatures within 24 hours, or 222 signatures per hour? Yes, it is achievable. Mother Theresa once said “If you cannot feed one hundre feed one. Just do your small part and see it snow ball. If 1000 people go out to look for 10 signatures each we will make the 10,000 target. There are surely more than 10,000 good Samaritans out there willing to support Eli, sustainable environment, and our right not to die in landslide.

Remember we are doing this for our children

Will you be one of the guardian angels? Will you bring one petition form and collect ten signatures from your families, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even acquaintance?

Will you show your support in your own way to quietly tell others: no, I resist gutter politics, I desire sustainable environment and I want Eli to stay?

Last year, it was tsunami. This year, the snow ball you start will create an avalanche that will bury gutter politics, corruption and hypocrisy.

You can make a difference

So, print a petition form (download here) and get 10 signatures.  Email the scan copy back to us at walkwitheli@gmail.com, or fax to 03-77223569 before 11am, 24 Feb 2009. (Tuesday). or sign it online here http://www.petitiononline.com/reject/petition.html

Thank you for making a difference..