Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

I hope many of you would have had a nice break and in the process of facing the new year.  Couple of things for your diary:

1.  Our continuation hearing at High Court is on coming Friday 2nd January 2008 at High Court, starting at 11am.  It would be good if more of you can come and I hope some of you on holidays could help demonstrate the community’s interest in justice. Do pass the word round.

2.  As all of you know, many a development seems to have been approved without due consideration to most of the critical factors affecting residents like traffic, environment, safety etc.  APAC (All PJ Residents Association Coalition) has organized a demonstration at FAS Padan (Taman Megah Mas/FAS Tunnel) for the 29th Dec 08  at 11am.  It would be good if some of you could make your way there.  There are restaurants and shops nearby for you to have lunch later.  If we are to make the authorities notice our concerns, then we must give support to those under threat.  Please see below for more details of the demonstration from APAC.

Many thanks and regards
Gary Yeoh


APAC (All PJ Residents Association Coalition) has organized a demonstration at FAS Padan (Taman Megah Mas/FAS Tunnel) for the 29th Dec 2008 at 11am.

Dear All,

APAC shall be organizing a Residents’ demonstration the 29 December 2008 Monday which is a public holiday @ 11AM Sharp against the proposed FAS Padang commercial development. We hope all residents in PJ will try to attend and give their support. The proposed development is clouded with controversy for a number of reasons.

How the status of the land – from ‘green lung’ or playing field converted to commercial use? RTPJ 2?

Was consultation done at all? (before approval)

Traffic congestion at the LDP, FAS and Taman Megah Mas Tunnel and the entire area is oversaturated!

over development in the area – Paradigm, NZX, Giant, more condos in the Kelana Area & Ara Damansara  which will definitely spill over to LDP Area population density problem.

environment issues and social problems

malpractices at MBPJ with regard to approval of land for development and Land conversion at the Land office

sales prospectus already printed and property are already for sale

For those who do not know the site, if you are coming from Motorola on the LDP, you will approach the Shell Station on your left and Giant will be on your right. After the Shell station, stay left (don’t go up the fly-over or ramp) and you will aproach the traffic lights. After the traffic lights go straight and you will see a bus stop on your left. After the bus stop turn left into Taman Megah Mas/FAS tunnel, our demonstration will be after the Mamak Restaurant but before the tunnel, specifically at the road junction further down at bus stop. See you guys there. All of us have to stand united to show the authorities we as residents are united against the FAS Project due the reasons mentioned above

If you guys are coming from the Damansara area going towards Kelana Jaya, then after the Kelana LRT Station, please stay left and go for the U-Turn under the ramp and stay left to turn into Taman Megah Mas.
I hope more of you reading this email will make an attempt to support the above events.  If you can’t make it, at least try to ask someone else that might have the time to support.

Happy New Year to all.  Let us all cooperate and make next year one that we will develop as a caring and responsible community.