Our hearts must go out to the families that have lost their dear ones this Saturday morning and the thousands that had to leave their homes in fear. Whilst it is often said that “trouble comes in threes” (3 landslides in Klang Valley in the space of a week), we must come to the realization that for landslides, it’s the poor regulation of hillside developments that is at fault. A total of 6 lives lost possibly due to poor regulation, corruption and profit in just one week!

This Saturday afternoon, my friend and I saw the evacuation of hundreds (perhaps a thousand or more) young and old from the condos and houses cut off by the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa.  They were cut off and without electricity and water. Parents with babies and young children, adults of varying ages had to track across steep hill tracks in muddy conditions. We were heartened by the many from the rescue services, army, bomba and relief organizations helping with their evacuation along treacherous tracks.

Yet, we left with a heavy heart. How could so many be left in such a predicament not caused by “Act of God”? Leaving aside the issue of geological stabilities and environmental risks, how in the name of progress do we have developments at hillsides that people could be so easily cut off and had to track through steep, muddy and single file path to reach help in the middle of Klang Valley? One wonders how many hillside developments around Klang Valley there are where authorities have approved developments that could literally cause residents to be locked in and emergency access made impossible when landslide or other disasters occur.  We shudderred at the thought.

We can only hope that the new Selangor State Government will hold firm against the wanton destruction of our hillsides by developers. Hundreds and even thousands of unsuspecting residents that have put their trust in planning authorities will continue to be casualties if we don’t put a stop to such dangerous developments. It is time that the public stand up and give full support to the Selangor State Government. Let the onus of proof on safety of hillside development be fully with the developer. Let town planners not compromise on any development to fatten the profits of developers.

Unfortunately for residents in Kuala Lumpur, City Hall is hard of hearing and wears tinted glasses. So, be warned and be ready to challenge them directly to protect your safety.  Don’t be taken in by the many platitudes and promises of the Federal authorities. Many promises and supposed regulations were in place, yet every hill in KL is not safe. Every green area is targetted for concrete. Don’t believe me, just look at the KL Daft City Plan.. Sorry, I mean KL Draft City Plan.


Gary Yeoh

JAC for Bukit Gasing

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