Attention all supporters of Save Bukit Gasing Campaign & residents of Fraser Towers, Cameron Towers, Maxwell Towers, residents of Gasing Indah (PJ side); Gasing Indah (KL side), members of the Media, NGOs and all interested parties.

High Court hearing is on Friday 24th October at 10:30am , 3th Level, Sivil 1. Kuala Lumpur High Court Complex.

This hearing concerns all of us. Amazingly, this will be the 9th time we will be at the court. Please communicate to your friends and neighbours early and get them to take sometime off. This hearing is critical as we hope to get a ruling by the High Court on “stay order” that will prevent DBKL from allowing GMSB to start any serious work at the site.

As usual, please try to car pool. Let’s try to get as many people to the court.

For directions to Kuala Lumpur Court Complex Jalan Duta: