Almost six months ago, on 17th March 2008, the High Court granted leave for a Judicial Review against DBKL’s decision to not holding a Public Hearing on proposed development by Gasing Meridian Sdn. Bhd.(GMSB) on Bukit Gasing – KL Side. The 108 applicants for the Judicial Review were also granted an interim stop order requiring DBKL not to issue an development order to GMSB.

We have had to put up with late affidavits being submitted, hoarding approval issued by DBKL suddenly being acted on and claims of ‘limitation of time’ arguments. It resulted in six hearings (excluding one that could not proceed because of heavy court scheduling), that were duels between lawyers whilst we watch in amazement and wondered when justice can be heard.

At last, the time is near for progress to be made. On Tuesday, 9th September 2008, commencing 2:30pm, our Judicial Review hearing and interim stop order against DBKL (GMSB is now 2nd Respondent) will be heard again. We are expecting that after months of legal manoevres by DBKL and GMSB, the High Court will now be able to hear some proper arguments. Whilst the Judicial Review arguments will probably continue for some time, we hope some clarity on the right of DBKL to presume itself to be above the law will be ruled by the court.

108 residents of Bukit Gasing had to find the courage and resources to commence action against DBKL. This blog is our voice to all of our fight and many others. Hillslope development and in particular, steep hillslope development endangers lives. Time and time again, we see the destruction of our hills and green areas causing turmoil to many. The reckless, arrogant, and many may add corrupt, inflict needless pain to many. We have all read, felt and tasted them.

This fight is not against developers. It’s against irresponsible local authorities that have not balanced the need for development against the good of many, now and in the future. They are the ones we must bring to heel and require transparency and accountability.

This September could be the continuation of  ‘Spring for Malaysia’, started by GE12. A time for regeneration of our hopes and aspirations of justice, transparency and good governance. Do join us if you can at the hearing. This legal battle will continue for sometime and if you wish to contribute to this cause financially please contact us for more information by commenting, [or click this link for information on how to contribute].

Gary Yeoh
JAC for Bukit Gasing.