Lee Shi-Ian and Nuradzimmah Daim, NST Streets, Thursday, 14 August 2008

 "We ran out of tranquilisers."

KUALA LUMPUR: “We ran out of tranquilisers.” That was the response from the city’s Wildlife and National Parks Department after it came under fire for gunning down monkeys in Medan Damansara last week.

Several residents, horrified to see blood-splattered monkeys dying from bullet wounds, phoned the NST to express their disgust.

A resident in Medan Damansara said he rushed a severely wounded money to a veterinarian but the animal could not be saved and had to be put out of its misery.

Another resident claimed that a baby monkey, suffering from gunshot wounds, shrieked in agony for hours before a passer-by picked it up and rushed it to a veterinarian but it died later.

The wildlife department said it shot dead 10 monkeys on that day but some residents claimed that they saw many monkeys being killed.

The department confirmed that the carcasses of the monkeys were removed after the shooting.

“We ran out of tranquilisers,” said department director Jamalun Nasir Ibrahim when asked why the monkeys were shot.

“We apologise for the dismay caused by the shooting. We assure the residents there it will not happen again,” said Jamalun.

Jamalun said the department took action after it received more than 100 complaints from residents in the area about the monkeys.

Under the Protection of Wildlife Act 1972, wildlife officers are permitted to kill wild animals or birds if they pose a danger to human life or property.

Expressing his regret that some folk were upset by the department’s action, Jamalun said: “We had no choice as the traps set up in the area could not handle the number of monkeys roaming around the residential area. There were thousands of monkeys with some disturbing the residents and invading swimming pools.”

The department has set up 12 traps in residential areas around the city, and they are checked daily with the captured monkeys relocated to other areas.

It is learnt that the department wants to set bigger traps to catch the monkeys rather than carry out another culling exercise that might upset the public.

Monkeys have a right to roam, say sympathetic Medan Damansara residents

NST Streets, Thursday, 14 August 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Monkeys are being forced out of their natural habitat and into residential areas by the building of bungalows on a hillside in Medan Damansara. That is what some residents there believe.

As a result of construction on the hillside, monkeys have come out to rummage through rubbish bins, damage telephone lines, scratch cars and generally create a mess.

However, many residents adopt a philosophical view, saying it was only fair to allow the monkeys to roam the residential area as it was humans who had destroyed their natural habitat due to development projects.

“We disturbed the ecological system and this is the result. Like it or not, we have to make room for the monkeys,” said R. Thatchana, 40, an engineer who has lived in Jalan Beluntas the past two years.

Another resident agreed that humans had created problems for the monkeys. “Where else can they go to look for food if they do not rummage through our rubbish?

“My car got scratched because the monkeys liked to sit on the hood and I have to wash my car daily. My maid has been cleaning up after the monkeys,” he said.

Another resident, who has lived in the area since 1986, said: “It has been a way of life for my family. It is only fair we allow the monkeys to roam the are here because we ‘stole’ their homes from them.”

He strongly opposed shooting the monkeys as a means of solving the problem. “A better way would be to seek help from trained animal specialists,” he said.

A hillslope in the area is being developed for luxury bungalow lots priced between RM6 million and RM10 million.


Outrage over bloody cull

NST Streets, Thursday, 14 August 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Medan Damansara residents have expressed shock and outrage at the killing of monkeys in their area by the city’s Wildlife and National Parks Department.

Medan Damansara Residents Association secretary Peter Raiappan was disgusted.

“No doubt, the monkeys have been a nuisance but we must remember that we are the ones who have ousted them from their natural habitat.

“So what we expect the monkeys to do when they also need to search for food. I am simply speechless at the extreme measures used such as shooting the monkeys,” he added.

Peter blasted Jamalun for letting his men use bullets instead of tranquillisers; Jamalun, being responsible for looking after wildlife in Kuala Lumpur, should have been more protective of the monkeys, Peter said.

He also questioned Jamalun’s estimation that there are thousands of monkeys in Medan Damansara.

“The monkeys who live in and around Medan Damansara do not number in the thousands. At the very most, there are about 100 monkeys,” he said.

“The monkeys could easily have been caught over a period of time and relocated to other places such as Templer’s Park.

“The department should be ashamed of its actions,” Peter added.

Financial planner Steve Teoh, who lives in Jalan Setiabestari, said: ‘There must be a more humane way of dealing with the monkeys.

“We heard gunshots around lunchtime and to our horror, saw a dying monkey hanging from a tree near our house several hours later.”

Meanwhile, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor was shocked with the culling of the monkeys in Medan Damansara.

SPCA public relations and marketing department assistant manager Jacinta Johnson said the association received reports from the public about monkey carcasses in the area.

Jacinta said the SPCA did not support the methods used by the department as it caused the monkeys a lot of suffering.

“Malaysia’s monkey situation is not unique and we can learn from the experience of neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

“They have situations which are very much similar to ours. Culling is not an effective method as the causative problem has not been addressed.”


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