Noel Achariam


Bangsar Baru Residents Association’s first meeting on the Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan at Bangsar Sports Complex. Picture by MOKHSIN ABIDIN


KUALA LUMPUR: The Coalition to Save Kuala Lumpur (CSKL) has said no to the KL City Draft Plan 2020.


The coalition, comprising more than 20 residents’ associations from the various districts in Kuala Lumpur, made this stand after a meeting on Wednesday with the Joint Action Committee for Bukit Gasing and the Bangsar Business Council.

They unanimously agreed that the KL City Draft Plan was fundamentally flawed and needs to be re-evaluated.

The coalition will call in its own town planners and consultants to study the draft plan and make recommendations to City Hall on the changes.

The coalition’s latest move was in contrast to its earlier call to City Hall for more time to study the plan. CSKL had earlier requested City Hall to extend the deadline for recommendations by the public from June 30 to Dec 31.

Now, the coalition has decided not to ask for more time but to reject the KL draft plan.

The coalition, which has formed a five-man working committee, will draft a letter to the Federal Territories Ministry and City Hall, stating their objections to the plan and making recommendations for changes.

The coalition has told the residents associations in the various districts to get town planners to study the draft plan involving their areas and come up with better designs.

The coalition is headed by Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman while its deputy chairman is Datuk George Joseph, the president of the Bangsar Baru Residents Association, and its secretary is Thevi Sinnadurai.

Abdul Aziz said that the coalition is now planning to bring the issue to parliament.

“We have come to the conclusion that the draft plan is not consistent with the National Physical Plan (NPP), which is mandatory. The strategic policies lined out in the NPP have to be taken seriously.

“The draft plan does not tackle the fundamental issues, which is making the city a better place for the residents to live in based on the quality of life.

“Instead they are planning to increase the density in Kuala Lumpur. We do not see how this plan gives that impact,” he said, adding that the draft plan envisages an increase in density, whereas the NPP aims for a decrease in density.

“We will be making a formal representation, stating our reasons why CSKL is rejecting the plan,” he said.

Bukit Damansara House Owners Association secretary Selva Kumar Rasiah said he was not surprised that many residents’ associations were not in favour of the draft plan.

“We were impressed by the overwhelming response from the residents’ associations. Everyone came with a strong decision to reject the draft plan. We believe that the plan is not going forward and we want changes to be made.

“We have a group of dedicated professionals who are willing to take the trouble to study the plan and point out the flaws. Many of them are coming with a wealth of experience to debate on the issues and we believe that together as a team we can make a difference,” he said.