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KUALA LUMPUR: Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd, the developer of Sanctuary Ridge on Bukit Gasing on the city side, moved to get an approval from City Hall in May 2005, the High Court was told yesterday. However, the approval, which was granted on Oct 2 the same year, was only for the layout plan for the sub-division of the 71 bungalow lots.


Counsel R. Sivarasa, who appeared for the 108 residents of Bukit Gasing, said the approval did not include any earthworks and hoarding. A separate application should have been made for that.


“In the approval granted for the layout plan, it is clearly stated that no other development work, including earthworks, is allowed. There is a need to obtain development order and approvals from the land office as well as from other relevant departments.”


He said any work carried out without planning permission was deemed illegal.


“Hoarding may not amount to much but it is specified in the act, that to erect hoardings is a form of development. So the work that GMSB wants to do, which is to erect hoardings and conduct earthworks, constitutes development under Section 19, 20 and 22 of the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982 (Act 267).”


As such, Sivarasa said a stay on any work on the land should be issued automatically to prevent works which were prohibited by law.


On March 17, the High Court had granted the residents leave for judicial review, allowing them the right to express their concerns for a development project in the area, and also granted leave to quash the decision of the Kuala Lumpur mayor not to hold a public hearing on GMSB’s application for a development order to build 71 bungalows on 15.52ha.


GMSB says the land has been privately owned since 1899, has never been part of the green lung nor is it a natural forest.


Sivarasa was assisted by Derek Fernandez while Romesh Abraham appeared for the Kuala Lumpur mayor.


Joslyne Goonting represented GMSB.

Hearing before judge Lau Bee Lan resumes on May 5




 Comment by Ashok Menon JAC Bukit Gasing…

Yet another article in NST about yesterdays High Court hearing. Though the newsreport makes GMSB appear to be at fault, the real culprit is DBKL as they had issued permissions, DOs and what not with the intent to hide information and mislead the public (if they ever wised up), while all along having the luxury of denying having issued DOs and concurrantly enabling the developer to tear the hill apart.
‘Shiver me timbers!’, the bandicoots are being flushed from their confort zones!!