PEARL LEE and NAJIAH NAJIB, MalayMail, Friday, April 25 2008


THE proposed development on the Bukit Gasing hill slope has only received initial work approvals from City Hall, but the developers have not yet been allowed to actually erect any buildings at the site. This was the clarification given by City Hall urban planning department director Mahadi Ngah, who yesterday explained that several development orders have to be given out on a stage-by stage basis for any project.


He said that a statement made by City Hall’s legal adviser last week that no DO had been granted by City Hall to the developer was not accurate.


He admitted that the first Development Order (DO) was granted to the Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City project developer Gasing Meridien Sdn Bhd (GMSB) on Oct 2, 2007 for its layout plan to subdivide the area for development – a purely paperwork submission process.


Subsequently, hoarding works permission was granted on Nov 16, 2007. Then, City Hall issued an approval letter to GMSB allowing the developer to begin earthworks for one year from Jan 31.


However, Mahadi said no DO had been granted for the erection of buildings on that piece of land.


“GMSB can make further applications for building erection and we would consider their application before issuing another DO.” It has become the practice for City Hall to issue separate DOs at different stages of a development project.


Joint Action Committee of Bukit Gasing chairman, Derek Fernandez, said City Hall was trying to manipulate the situation by claiming that it takes more than one DO for a development project.


“It doesn’t make any sense for City Hall to grant a DO for subdivision of land and approvals for hoardings and earthworks to GMSB, and then say that subsequent plans for erection of buildings would be subjected to approval.


“This is because by granting the “first” DO and approvals, the developer is already allowed to carry out works on the land, be it with conditions.


“The residents’ main issue here is to not allow the developer or any other party, for that matter, to conduct any form of works on the land at all,” said Derek, who is also acting co-counsel for the residents.


Comment by Ashok Menon JAC Bukit Gasing…

This is like the expression ‘being partly pregnant’  — DBKL’s way of creative truth telling, to get away with outright lies. Only morons will try to insult the intelligence of the public with stupid phrases like the ones highlighted in the report above.