DBKL had issued an approval for Earth Works dated 31st January 2008, despite assurances given to us by the Director of Planning Tuan Haji Mahadi bin Che Ngah on 14th November 2007, to consult and have a public hearing before development order is given


  • On 14th April 2008, City Hall and the Deputy Federal Territories Minister (Datuk M Saravanan) had stated to the Press that only 2 “planning approvals” (dated 2nd October 2007 and 16th November 2007) has been issued.
  • This line was repeated to the Press on subsequent days’ reports.
  • JAC received an affidavit from GMSB on 19th April 2008 ( Affidavit dated 15th April 2008, posted 17th April 2008 ) that they have received an Earth Works approval dated 31st January 2008.
  • DBKL hand delivered an affidavit yesterday, 22nd April 2008 confirming the Earth Works approval and their opposition to the Stay Order and Interim Stop Order (granted by the High Court on 2nd April 2008).
  • Despite High Court’s direction during the 17th March hearing that DBKL provide information to us at least 1 month in advance of the 23rd April 2008, Stay Order hearing, we have received no documents (approvals or any technical reports) until receipt of the affidavits mentioned.
  • DBKL had deceived even the Deputy FT Minister.


DBKL is running against the Prime Minister’s public statement and request to government servants and officers to be transparent and to listen to people’s concerns.


Bukit Gasing have again showed itself to be an extremely unstable area. Since March 2007 when extension work at the Siva Temple on Bukit Gasing (PJ Side), precipitated a 80 feet by 25 feet drop landslide, the following have happened:



Contrary to DBKL’s statement to the Press that “the hill is safe for hillside development”, GMSB plans to  build on steep slopes, with almost 50% of the slopes above 25% gradient. What will it take before DBKL accepts the signs that any building on Bukit Gasing is an invitation to tragedy?


DBKL accepts no responsibilities on any safety measures and has made the developer responsible for such.


We question DBKL’s commitment to its responsibilities in ensuring safety of the public and residents in the vicinity of the proposed development.

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