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DBKL and Deputy FT Minister said no Development Order has been issued to Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd. Gasing Meridian said it has approval for the development on the basis of supposed approvals of certain government agencies that but for immunity laws, would have been liable for significant damages for the 48 deaths caused by Highland Towers and perhaps many other misfortunes dealt to the less privileged. 
Now who is the approving authority??
A huge sign board is now up at Gasing Meridian’s land at Bukit Gasing, announcing in bold letters “Bungalow Land for Sale” with phone numbers and website address of website. With soothing music and seductive simulations, their “current launch” promises heaven for the super rich. The lords may look down on the First World-Garden City of Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy the scenes with fresh air amongst the greenery of Bukit Gasing. They could even visit the plebs for amusement should they wish to at Pantai Dalam.
Yet, nothing is said about the legal proceedings of residents affected by Gasing Meridian’s proposed development. Nothing about the inherent safety concerns expressed by many around Bukit Gasing. Landslides at Sivan Temple within close proximity of the promised heaven must be on another geological plane. What about the 23 million litre reservoir with a 6ft diameter pipeline that runs close to the “bungalows in heaven”? Clearly, the 3 abandoned bungalows in the midst of piling works along Jln 5/66 must also be an aberration of fundamental geological structure of Bukit Gasing. Maybe they don’t know about ?
The Consumer Protection Act 1999 Part II Section 11 is about “False Representation And Misleading Conduct In Relation To Land” []. One wonders if the “In the Dark” Mayor of DBKL might also have similarly inclined officers that will need to be made aware of the Consumer Protection Act.
Perhaps the would be Lords of Mansions don’t need protecting and might even be foreigners looking for second homes. Surely they are not consumers. No, we must perhaps refrain from confusing Lords of Mansions with common consumers. Sadly, existing residents cannot afford the lost of their lives nor properties.
Confused by the wonders of DBKL and Developer Partnerships