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Court Order to stop work on Bukit Gasing out 12 days ago – but mayor has to verify it with his officers!

Mayor: I have yet to receive updates

THE court order to stop work on Bukit Gasing has been out since April 2. The developer’s defiance continues. The residents cannot understand it and are angry. And all the Kuala Lumpur mayor can say is, “I should be able to give my comments tomorrow (today)”.

Twelve days ago, the KL High Court granted 108 residents of Bukit Gasing an ex-parte interim injunction to halt all development work to build 71 bungalow lots on the hill, pending a court hearing on April 23.

Work continues with hoarding being put up around the 15.52ha area.

KL Datuk Bandar Datuk Ab. Hakim Borhan said he was not aware of the court order. “I know the issues related to Bukit Gasing but I have yet to receive the updates from my officers,” said Ab. Hakim yesterday, in response to questions why City Hall had not acted against the developer.

“Action will be taken immediately after I verify with my officers. Since the order has been issued, we will abide by it.”

Yesterday, the battle over Bukit Gasing between its residents and City Hall continued as some 100 residents braved the heavy rain to protest against the developer, Gasing Meridien Sdn Bhd.

Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman Edward Lee, who was also present, has demanded a public hearing so that the views of the residents can be heard. Taman Gasing Indah protem committee chairman Johnny Yew said: “Several workers were still working on the area (on Saturday). We were told the developer didn’t receive any official letter from City Hall to stop work.”



DETERMINED: Some of the residents at a playground to protest at the work being carried out by the developer Gasing Meridien Sdb Bhd.


He said the residents want to know “why hasn’t City Hall ordered the developer to stop work?” This struggle has been going on since 1995, when City Hall declared Bukit Gasing unfit for development due to geological reasons. That year, the first public hearing was held. In 2002, the developer appealed to City Hall but to no avail. Two years later, another appeal was rejected.

Gasing Meridien took the matter to court and there, too, it lost.

“After years of rejection, you can imagine how surprised we were when the project received the green light from City Hall,” said Yew.

He added the residents fear for their safety. “Some residents found cracks in their houses and on the roads. This is a real problem.

“We are not being paranoid.”

Several landslips have also been reported in the area, some even before work commenced.

Yew said there have been seven landslips, two of them last year. There was another near the development area last week. There is also a tank on top of the hill which stores 23 million litres of water.

“If that tank topples in a landslide, we will have a disaster in this area,” cautioned Yew.