Dear residents of Bukit Gasing,

A very good afterrnoon to everyone.

I regret that I cannot be here personally to lend my support to Bukit Gasing’s Family Day. Please accept my sincerest apologies as I have an official KeADILan matter to attend to. However, be assured that my other fellow MPs and I are doing our best to support your cause.


The problem faced by Bukit Gasing is one caused by the corruption and unaccountability that the previous administration has bred within its ranks and then populated to the top ranks of City Hall. DBKL has found it easy to disregard the concerns of the ratepayers due to this.


I am outraged to note that -although the courts have granted judicial review on DBKL’s decision to allow the construction, the relevant parties are still continuing works. We demand that the relevant parties immediately obey the stay order issued by the High Court and stop further construction works. The rule of law must be respected and it begins here and now in the case of Bukit Gasing. 


There are two related issues I wish to address today:


Firstly, the WP Pakatan Rakyat MPs including myself have brought up the specific case of Federal Hill to compel the Dato Bandar to exercise his right under rule 5 (2) of the Federal Territory Act 1982 and the Planning (Development) (Amendment) Rules 1994. This will pave the way for the cancellation or at the very least forestalling of any other questionable development project, including that of Bukit Gasing – without resorting to the courts. It is stated in the KL Structure Plan 2020 that its objectives are to maintain a judicious balance between development, ecology and national heritage create a Tropical Garden City sensitive to it natural site and appropriate to its tropical regional location. Therefore, we must preempt any move to manipulate the existing land use as stated in the KL Structure Plan 2020.  Therefore we, the Pakatan Rakyat MPs urge everyone here, concerned citizens everywhere to partake in the discussion of the local KL draft plan on the 15th of May. We must remain vigilant in defending our rights.


Secondly, I will continue to exert pressure on DBKL next week to ensure that the developer respects the stay order mentioned earlier. I urge and request that all of you help me in this exercise. We must voice out our strong opposition in unison. That is the only way we can urge change. 


DBKL’s display of unaccountability and lack of transparency in the well documented matter of Bukit Gasing only goes to show one thing. Datuk Bandar asked us in a statement a few days ago to show proof of corruption. We, as the Citizens of Kuala Lumpur ask Datuk Bandar, please prove us otherwise.


Nurul Izzah Anwar