On 24th March 2008, Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd distributed leaflets to some homes in Gasing Indah and Gasing Condos. It was a bare face attempt to publicize and spin their development to their ‘Dear Neighbours’. It ended the slick write up by thanking their ‘Dear Neighbours’ for giving them the opportunity to practice sustainable and responsible development.
Perhaps Gasing Meridian hasn’t learnt any lessons from the GE12. May be Dear Neighbour should let you decide.
The ‘Dear Neighbours’ had mount a massive protest on 19th November 2006 generating numerous press report and extensive coverage on TV3 over a number of nights. Did you remember the ‘Save Lives – Save Bukit Gasing’ Protest?
Dear Neighbours raised many questions to the FT Ministry over 2007. Then, when FT Ministry’s Committee for Sensitivity for Environment did the ‘it’s over to you DBKL’ trick, 300 plus Dear Neighbours petitioned DBKL for a public hearing. Dear Neighbours met with DBKL officials to tell them of their fears for safety. DBKL was shown pictures, told about local instances of Bukit Gasing hill slope instabilities and reminded them of various reports that point towards any development on Bukit Gasing will be inviting tragedy.
Alas DBKL did a pak lah. So Dear Neighbours decided to cabar…..
On 11th February 2008, 108 Dear Neighbours filed for a Judicial Review at the High Court and on 17th March 2008, leave to proceed with Judicial Review application was granted.  In addition, the application for a stay of all further proceedings and actions by the mayor (DBKL) in respect of the proposed development pending the judicial review was set for 23rd April 2008.
Oh, the Dear Neighbours do remember the case of Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd Vs The Mayor of KL (http://www.ipsofactoj.com/appeal/2004/Part1/app2004(1)-011.htm)
Impressive for a ‘responsible developer’? What do you think?
As for ‘sustainable development’, Dear Neighbour did a google and found this as the definition (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_development). Dear Neighbour wonders if Gasing Meridian understands sustainable development or perhaps thinks like ‘you know how still’
Another think before Dear Neighbour forgets. Developer seems to have some supporters claiming that the development could prevent squatter problems at Bukit Gasing. Well another Dear Neighbour thinks otherwise:https://savebukitgasing.wordpress.com/2008/02/13/developers-stooges-or-over-developed-fear-of-squatters/

Dear Neighbour is going to give support to the team fighting for his right not to live under threat of a Highland Tower disaster. Dear Neighbour now have to take a few pills not to have nightmares.

Dear neighbour is supporting the Family day on the 13th.April 2008.

By a Dear Neighbour to proposed Sanctuary Ridge development.