Kuala Lumpur: Monday, 17th March, 2008:

Our High Court action to request a Judicial Review such as to compel DBKL to grant us a public hearing and provide tecnical reports has been given “leave” to move forward. This means the High Court accepted our filing and we can proceed with representations to argue our case in court. Date for this will be set in due course and JAC will communicate this as soon as date is known.
We were not able to get an immediate “stay” on DBKL issuing development order to Gasing Meridian today.  However, a court hearing to argue our application for a “stay” on DBKL such that they do not approve any works development order until completion of our Judicial Review case has been fixed for 23th April 2008 (Wednesday) at 9:30pm in the High Court Complex at Jalan Duta.
At least 35 people from the community attended the hearing. Most of the support came from Gasing Indah (KL Side) and Maxwell Towers. Edward Lee and Hee Loy Sian(or elected representatives from Bukit Gasing and PJ Selatan) were there.  There were also a number of reporters from the Press.
The High Court’s acceptance of our Judicial Review filing is a significant event. Together with the support from our newly elected representatives (both state and parliamentary) we are now in a strong position to argue and stop the unsafe development on Bukit Gasing.
Whilst we have had good support from some areas, we now need stronger support.  For those that have not made contact with representatives of JAC in your community, we would urge you to do so as soon as possible to pledge support and contribute to the Trust Fund.
The JAC request that as many of you plan to attend the court hearing on Wednesday, 23rd April at 9:30am so that we are able to impress on the court that we are very much interested and concern about Gasing Meridian’s proposed development that will threaten our lives and properties.
Whilst we may have been fortunate to have newly elected representatives that are supportive of our cause, we must not loose sight of the fact that the DBKL is responsible only to their own agenda and that of the Federal Government. We have had to take the fight to the High Court because DBKL and Federal Territories Ministry have not acted on our concerns. 
Many of you have been aware of various past promises and assurances that have come to nothing. Our newly elected representatives will need our consistent and real actions to bring change for our benefit.  Please do consider what you can do to help actively as well as financially such that our voices, concerns and actions will be effective.