Reference: Petition against Development of Bukit Gasing


Date of Event: Wednesday, 27th February 2008 The following is the update on JAC’s effort to gather election candidates’ support to stop development of Bukit Gasing during the dialogue at SFX. Copies of Petition were personally handed to each of the forum’s panel of speakers (election candidates for Bukit Gasing / PJ Selatan). 

Datuk Dr Lim Thuan Seng supported the subject matter in principle. He stated that he would bring the matter up to the Datuk Bandar of DBKL and that he would try to bring light to the development plans for Bukit Gasing. 

Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai also supported the subject matter in principle and stated his willingness to meet up personally to look into it. 

Mr Hee Loy Sian signed the petition in support of the subject matter. 

Mr Edward Lee Poh Lin signed the petition in support of the subject matter.

 JAC had presented the petition to candidates at the above dialogue as part of its continuing efforts to ensure our concerns for safety are being heard.

Update Released by JAC.