Save lives by leaving Bukit Gasing alone
PJ Resident, Nov 20, 06 3:55pm

Once again the ugly face of corporate greed is rearing its head in Bukit Gasing.

Trees have been felled and a path is created to conduct soils test within the Kuala Lumpur side of Bukit Gasing. Attempts to question this activity has been met with hostile reactions and any attempts to take photos of the activities taking place faced similar repercussions.

Haven’t we have had enough lives lost due to development on hillsides slopes? Have we already forgotten the lives lost in the Highland Towers incident? Have the blood stains from this incident been washed off the hands of those responsible? Are they able to sleep well at night in their expensive mansions?

Are those in the agencies responsible able to look at themselves in the mirror with their conscience intact? Can’t you feel the wailing of a mother cry for her lost loved ones? Can’t you see the teardrops filling the eyes of the father every time he talks about his family tragically killed in this tragedy?

Why do we still allow hillside development to take place? Has greed and arrogance become the way of the Malaysian society? Is anyone aware of the risks involved in the proposed building of 140 luxury bungalow lots on the KL side of Bukit Gasing? The mayor of KL has given his assurance that there will be no development there. Even the prime minister has also said that rules must be strictly followed for any hillside development.

For your readers information, there is a huge reservoir on the top of Bukit Gasing. Any structural damage caused by development in Bukit Gasing will bring down millions of gallons of water and cause massive destruction to the following areas – Gasing Indah, Pantai Dalam, Petaling Garden, Gasing Heights and three condominium blocks. Almost 20,000 people or more live here. Lives are being put at risk just for the greed of some unscrupulous company wanting to build luxury bungalows on a hill top. Where does it all end?

To make things worse, any, if not all, attempts to get any written understanding from KL City Hall (DBKL) on this matter has fallen on deaf ears. There is a deafening silence from the outgoing mayor. Has he signed the development order for the contractor and is therefore unable to retract his position? This would explain why the contractor is able to chop down trees and conduct various activities there at present.

Once again the promise for transparent governance is rhetoric at best. We residents, however, call for an open policy towards this development from an engineering standpoint so that independent and fair studies can be done to show what sort of development can be allowed at Bukit Gasing. Past studies have been done and the conclusions have been consistent – Bukit Gasing is not safe for any type of development. Has Bukit Gasing changed so much that there can be development done there now?

Please stop putting people’s lives at risk. Please stop all development on Bukit Gasing once and for all. Act now to save lives in the future. (end)